WATCH: Flint Pastor Tells Donald Trump to Stop Attacking Hillary Clinton in Speech

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered remarks from a Methodist church in Flint, Michigan this afternoon, but one of the church’s pastors interrupted him when he started attacking his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

After discussing Flint’s water crisis, Trump went into his standard talking points, saying that Hillary Clinton has failed on the economy and on foreign policy. In the middle of a sentence, Trump was interrupted by a pastor, who came up to the podium and asked him to refrain from being political.

“Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not to give a political speech,” said the pastor, whose name is Faith Green Timmons according to Fox News. Her comment to Trump was met with some applause from the audience.

Trump appeared to be apologetic, quickly going back into discussing Flint and not mentioning Hillary Clinton for the remainder of his speech. The pastor later confirmed to reporters that she did not want Trump being political at the church, according to NBC’s Ali Vitali.

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman reports that Trump seems to have kept his remarks shorter than anticipated. Indeed, the second half of Trump’s speech appeared to be a bit rushed, and the visit only lasted a few minutes in total. CNN’s Phil Mattingly also adds that those at the church were told that some would get to ask questions, but Trump ended up leaving immediately after the remarks.

Before stopping by the church on Wednesday, Donald Trump toured the Flint Water Treatment Plant, according to The Detroit News.

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  1. I think the pastor Should look Hillary Clinton’s track record, and then look at the poverty map of the United States! I think the pastor should take a good look at, 911, San Bernardino, Orlando ,and all the other terrorist attacks throughout the world that Hillary Clinton was (part of reportedly) and let’s not forget the Obama Administration with cash getaway.

    • I think you should get your facts straight as well as do some research, the things you are accusing Hillary Clinton of could only be approved by congress, and it is the American people’s understanding that congress worked against the president and the secretary of state by vetoing everything that was presented to them. You see when you don’t know your government and it’s functions, we have a tendency to spread and repeat lies. read upon your government please.

        • I think Bill was right and you to Clinton operatives, Lucifer And J walker ,need to get off of the Obama plan! which you know is welfare for all, and read some books! because that Preacher should have never said nothing to a man that is trying to help this country!! but you too full of lies and foolishness ,need to get a job or maybe you just think that working people are going to keep giving you free stuff.So you can sit on your ass and complain about things you know nothing about!! so you just give yourself a wet willy pat yourself on the back because you don’t impress nobody…

          • Your grammar is not going to impress anyone. Or spelling. I do however, find it funny that you all like to complain and moan while doing nothing to improve your own lives. Best of luck.

      • It everything put before congress was voted against under Obama Clinton there would be no Obama care for one big item.Congress votes to approve all spending as you know.The do nothing congress includes Democrats who have voted against every proposal concerning the second amendment put forward by the Republicans.As a Canadian looking in it seems both sides are so entrenched in ideology they are unwilling to serve the American people by way of good debate and compromise.One side appears as silly and destructive as the other.I enjoy watching the circus over the past decade but it is also frightening as I see this great nation falter and become weak before the world.We the world is truly screwed when America fails.We the world need you American’s to vote fore leaders willing to serve American grass roots society not the special interests and the greedy elite totalitarian corporate pirate state you now appear to sadly be.When elected work for the people no longer the party.Make compromise laws that work for America and the world.Set aside your hatred towards each other Dem and Rep and work for the best solutions possible not your uncompromising position paraylizing America and emboldening your enemies.

  2. This so called “pastor” has just stepped in it, what a rude and disgusting act. This will only help Trump in the African American community because it will keep Trump in the news. It will also help Trump with independents and women, here he was trying to reach out to this community and draw a contrast between him and Hill_Lie_ary. This so called “pastor” is a left wing political HACK who posted her intentions on her Facebook before Trumps visit, which she has deleted.. LMAO….

  3. Nothing to do with being rude. It’s more likely a tax thing. Churches get tax free status in exchange for being (or at least pretending to be) apolitical.

  4. She was not shaking or nervous..She politely asked him to stick to ther agenda. And for him to get on Fox News and lie on this woman is a disgrace.

    • I’m just wondering how much did the Democrats put in the pastor’s poor box ? Or is she related to a black lives matter cop Killer ? You cant say anything against the black man, oh my goodness did you hear what that white man said ! He told you to go get a job and quit laying on your lazy ass!! He did!! how dare Whitey!! She was just trying to protect her black brothers and sisters because if Trump wins they’ll have to get off their ass and go get a job and then there will be no more excuses of how the white man brought me down!!!!!

  5. There is a post where you can see by this “pastors” face, her only intention was to make Trump look bad. I live in the town next to Flint and I have news for this Timmons woman and obvious Obama supporter! Flint was a complete sh-thole long before this water crisis! The crime there is staggering and the people treat it like a sewer! We stay out of this town and it’s 20 minutes away. We no longer go there unless forced to for papers needed by the court on Saginaw St.. The people have little to no respect for the city and it shows. To expect Trump to visit your church to thank you is unbelievable!! Your wonderful president of the past eight years has not done one thing to improve Flint, yet you invite Trump, only to humiliate him in front of a small group of blacks? Really? What did Obama do?? What has any president done for this eyesore of a city? It’s to a point we fear going through Flint and yet you take this water crisis as a weak attempt to show your radical racist agenda? We get it, you think Trump is a racist, but he’s not a criminal responsible for several deaths!! I have lived in Michigan my entire life and Detroit and Flint are two cities we warn our kids about. When you go shopping at Holly Lobby only to miss a shooting, from yes a black man, at Toys R Us due to a “look someone gave”, by minutes, perhaps poor water is not or should not be your only concern. Timmons is pathetic and a poor excuse for anything in the name of religion! Great picture of her and her hero Obama, but I’m sure her agenda was not race motivated one bit.