WATCH: Donald Trump Refuses to Say He’ll Accept the Election Results

During the final presidential debate on Wednesday, Donald Trump refused to say that he’ll definitely concede the election if he loses on November 8th.

Towards the end of the debate, Chris Wallace asked Trump very overtly if he would commit to accepting the election results no matter who wins. Trump would not say that he would, stating instead that he would take a look at what happens.

“I will take a look at it at the time,” Trump said.

This completely contradicts what he said during the first debate a few weeks ago; at that time, Trump said that he would “absolutely” concede to Clinton if he loses. Trump went on to say on Wednesday that he’ll “keep you in suspense” as to whether he will accept Hillary Clinton’s potential win. Hillary Clinton said that she finds it “horrifying” that Trump is undermining the way that democracy works.

To back up his hesitation to concede the election, Trump said that Clinton should not have been allowed to run for president and that the media has been unfair to him. He also cited voter fraud, although there is no evidence of voter fraud taking place on any level that would come close to affecting the result of a presidential election.

Over the past several days, as pointed out by Chris Wallace, Trump’s running mate and daughter both promised that Trump would definitely accept the result of the election.

“As Donald Trump said in that first debate, and I will say to you today, we will accept the will of the American people,” Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, said just three days ago. Pence repeated this promise in an interview with CNN about a half-hour before the third debate.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka made the same assertion this week.

“He’ll either win or he won’t win, and I believe he’ll accept the outcome either way,” she said.

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        • Al Gore NEVER said BEFORE the election that he would not accept the election’s results!! There was state-mandated recount of ballots–not a Gore-mandate, because of the disaster in Florida, which, at that time, was a state governed by his opponent’s brother. (If that ever happened to Trump, he’d encourage a call to arms!)

          Furthermore, even though Gore won the popular national vote, he conceded, because as a patriot that’s what you do. it doesn’t matter what he thinks–it’s how we behave that counts, and he publicly conceded his defeat and got out of Bush’s way. Trump’s unwillingness to accept the election results, whatever they may be, pre-election, and thereafter, is a blatant act of domestic insurrection, a treasonous act, and added documentation of his whiny, narcissistic, classless being. In the meantime, learn your history, and learn the facts . . . if there’s any joke going on, it’s Trump playing the biggest one of all on YOU!!! If there’s a hypocrite, it’s Trump!

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        • Why go back to Gore with this at all? Look what happened when the republicans tried to pin him down with their BS “loyalty” oath nonsense, which few of THEM honored. Oh sure, they didn’t start 3rd party campaigns, but they did toss roadblocks and bad press at their nominee. If you’re going to call it an “oath” then the spirit of the matter should also be relevant. Trump is absolutely right about establishment politics and the republicans proved him right. The democrats proved it to all of us long ago.

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    • Only after the election, and after winning the national popular vote . . . if you understand the Constitution, you’d know the difference!

  2. Clinton’s machine is very huge and has a complexes is hard to detect how they rigged the system just like did it on crazy Bernie. this machine owns from top to the bottom to launch psychological and physical attacks on people and their candidate. Trump is very aware of their tricks and tactics . Trump decided to fight for the American people votes not for corporate America choice!!!! .

    • Trump IS corporate America . . . corporate America and its executives don’t pay taxes . . . man, step away from the Kool-Aid, dude!

    • You know Trump has failed to pay his employees, contractors, banks, etc. He has no business sense whatsoever. Four bankruptcies? How many failed businesses did he have? Were any of his “ventures” profitable? He claims to want to bring jobs to America, yet his Trump casino just went under and over 3.000 people lost their jobs and didn’t receive their final paychecks. Oh, he also wants to start WWIII with nuclear bombs! “Why have nukes if you can’t use them”? Yes, he actually asked that question. But you still think he the best candidate for President of the United States of America? SERIOUSLY????

  3. Excuse me but what was Hillary’s answer when asked if she would accept the results? Oh wait, she wasn’t asked.
    Can we please get Killary to answer the question.

    • “Not a smidgen of proof” , , , really . . . so the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies stating that the Russian government had committed espionage against America, including hacking our computers don’t even constitute a smidgen? Man, I feel sorry for Trump supporters, it’s gonna’ be a mean crash and burn come November 9th!!

      “Why was not the same question ask of Hillary,” because she doesn’t threaten and whine when things don’t go her way, or look like they don’t go their way, so since she never threatened that she wouldn’t accept the outcome, she was never asked. Trump lives to stir up controversy, but just like his bankrupt casinos (I mean, how do you loose money running a casino for gawd’s sake) he falls short of the goal!

  4. The reaspn the Establishment Politicians don’t want a contested election by Trump is they are afraid he’ll call for an independent prosecutor to investigate then file charges for corruption in fraudulent voter registrations thus put her where she and Sheldon Adelson belong.JAIL!Adelson should also be audited for tax shelters.Cross-State voting,voter lists from nursing homes,graveyards,townships,rural townships where no records have been verified on occupation by census,etc.Any duplications in voting irregularities is a felony thus disqualifies the democratic filing machine under Clinton prosecutable.Finding an independent that is honest may difficult however since they have to an independent politically.Throw the bums out to JAIL.

    • If you understood how government actually works, you’d know that individual citizens, nor Presidents cannot call for a Special Prosecutors . . . only Congress can! So your theory is a fraud!

    • You do realize that federal elections are monitored locally by a Democratic and Republican monitors?

      “Finding an independent that is honest may difficult however . . .,” finding a Trump supporter that is rational will be impossible!

  5. Fucc Donald Trump and all that support him. I pray you all die horrible deaths, that take minutes and no one is close enough to assist you.

    Killa Cali

    • Be careful what you wish for. Obama doesn’t give a damn about you and neither does hillary…they just need minority votes and you’re falling for it.

      • Donald’s a billionaire that repeatedly stiffs the working class, and has his goods produced overseas, and I need to worry about Hillary?

        BTW, your “they just need minority votes and you’re falling for it,” comment just exposes you as a racist.

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