Popular Vote 2016: How California Drove Hillary Clinton’s Lead

Singer Andra Day (R) reaches to hug Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during a fundraiser at the Civic Center Auditorium October 13, 2016 in San Francisco, California. / AFP / Brendan Smialowski (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Singer Andra Day (R) reaches to hug Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during a fundraiser at the Civic Center Auditorium October 13, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Getty)

How dominant is California when it comes to driving Hillary Clinton’s more than 1.2 million popular vote lead over President-Elect Donald Trump?

The overall numbers obscure the fact that one state gave Clinton her edge: Populous California.

Clinton popular vote lead overall: At least 1.23 million.
Clinton popular vote lead in California alone: At least 3.1 million.

(The “at least” comes into play because California was still counting unprocessed ballots as of November 16 – more than 3.4 million of them – but since the state went so large for Clinton, it’s expected that California will just add to her margin even more.)

California contributed more than 10% of Clinton’s overall popular vote tally. Without California in the popular vote totals, Trump leads the rest of the states combined by more than 1.87 million popular votes.

Five states contributed to more than 35% of Clinton’s popular vote totals.

Here are the latest popular vote totals for the 2016 presidential election according to a spreadsheet compiled by Dave Wasserman and Cook Political Report:

Clinton: 62,568,373
Trump: 61,336,159

If you removed only California’s popular votes from the total, this is the result you would get, as of November 16:

Clinton: 55,889,446
Trump: 57,760,819

Trump also leads in the swing states as a whole:

Trump: 22,056,165
Clinton: 21,182,086
Trump swing state popular vote lead: 874,079

More than 10.8 million ballots have been counted in California so far (and, as noted, there were still more than 3.4 million California ballots still not yet processed as of November 16). In 2012, 13,038,547 people voted in California. The state with the smallest vote total in 2016 as a point of comparison: Wyoming, where just 248,892 people voted.

The Electoral College does factor the population differences into the equation; California awards 55 electoral votes. Wyoming awards 3. Wyoming is not a swing state. However, states with low vote totals are, and thus get some attention from candidates who would otherwise be parked in California for much of the election, ignoring the rest of the country (if elections were determined by popular vote).

New Hampshire had 731,931 votes cast in 2016; because it’s a swing state, it saw repeated candidate visits from candidates seeking its 4 electoral votes (Clinton won an exceptionally close contest there.)

votes counted

When will the votes all be counted? (Getty)

Clinton’s large popular vote totals – third in history after Barack Obama’s two elections – have sparked increased criticism about the Electoral College, which is how Trump won the presidency.

Those who support the Electoral College argue that, without it, candidates would engage in a very different campaign. Instead of barnstorming throughout all corners of the country, rural and urban alike, they would focus their time and resources on a couple states (California and New York mostly), ignoring the rest of the country and its issues. Trump and Electoral College supporters argue that if popular vote won the presidency, the candidates would have campaigned differently, and it’s impossible to predict how that would have changed the popular vote calculus.

For comparison purposes, here are the 2012 and 2008 popular vote totals:

2012, according to 270toWin
Barack Obama 65,446,032
Mitt Romney 60,589,084

2008, per 270toWin
Barack Obama 69,456,897
John McCain 59,934,814

According to the National Archives and Records Administration, “The founding fathers established it (the Electoral College) in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.”

Trump’s popular vote totals are also impressive; they are the fifth highest in history behind Obama’s two elections, Clinton, and George W. Bush.

Here’s a breakdown of how Clinton built her popular vote lead. More than 35% of Clinton’s popular vote totals came from these five states:

1. California: 10.67% of Clinton’s popular vote totals came from California. (6,678,927 votes)
2. Florida: 7.2% of Clinton’s popular vote totals came from Florida. (4,501,455 votes)
3. New York: 6.6% of Clinton’s popular vote totals came from New York. (4,149,500 votes)
4. Texas: 6.2% of Clinton’s popular vote totals came from Texas. (3,868,291 votes)
5. Illinois: 4.85% of Clinton’s popular vote totals came from Illinois. (3,034,833 votes)

Trump’s top popular vote tally came in Florida, where he earned 4,615,910 votes (7.5% of his total).

In those states, Clinton leads Trump by this many votes:
1. California: Clinton has a 3.1 million vote margin- three times her popular vote edge.
2. Florida: Clinton is behind 114,455 votes in Florida, so that state did not contribute to her popular vote edge.
3. New York: Clinton has a 1.5 million vote margin in New York.
4. Texas: Clinton is behind by 815,061 votes in Texas, so that state did not contribute to her popular vote lead.
5. Illinois: Clinton leads by 909,412 votes.

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  1. The pathetic liberal Hollywood elite didn’t get their way into putting Killary into office. How about she’s an incompetent murdering vindictive thug who more than two thirds off the country can’t stand or trust. It’s “her time”for prison

    • Gee, thank you for sharing your pathetic opinion, I love seeing opinions from lame Trumpbots online, I think if anyone belongs in prison it is the rapist Donny Trump,but I understand that you worship rapists

      • And if you were open minded and not so brainwashed Rob Kaufman, you would have read the Wikileaks showing that the Hillary teams intentions were to make a smoke screen when Bill Clintons multiple Rapes became front & center. They specifically said that the strategy would be to find women and even if untrue accuse Trump of every type of crime Bill committed so people would be confused and think that they were all bad & corrupt. Have you looked into the NYPD’s investigation into PIZZAGATE ? Or John Podestas involvement with SPIRIT COOKING? ADDS a little stench to the entire Democrat Hirearchy.

    • Trump is even worse (He is the Biggest Liar Of All Times). The last time (in year 2000 Bust elected by losing popular vote) causing the World Financial Crisis in 2008. Be prepared for another World Financial Crisis under Trump (probably in 2018 where poor people will get even poorer but rich tycoon like Trump will laugh all the way to the bank once again). Thanks Electoral College System!

          • Get rid of California’s illegal immigrants who voted illegally and Trump won the Popular Vote by millions ,A LANDSLIDE victory :-) and we must clean out those vermin before we can have real honest elections ! Punish ALL VOTER FRAUD ! with deportation or jail time

        • Are you kidding me? From year 1900 to 2016, only two presidential candidates won the popular vote but lost the election and both are democrats (year 2000 and year 2016). And you are telling me the EC system favours democrats???

          • From 1900 to 1999 (100 years) EC works fine since the winners also won the popular vote. However in the recent 17 years (2000 to 2016), two out of the total 5 elections (2000 and 2016) had been won by the candidates that lost the popular vote. Nowadays US is the only (so-called democratic) country in the world where the President did not win the popular veto in the Presidential Election (and it happened twice in the past 17 years). Ironically even Indonesia has a two-round majority system that ensure the President has the people’s mandate (win over 50% of the popular veto).

            • The USA is not a democracy, it is a republic. Thirty states’ votes are going to Trump, only 20 to Clinton. Without the electoral college, most states would have no voice in electing a president. The office could be won by the votes of about a dozen large metropolitan areas. This is why we have congress set up as it is and why we have the electoral college. A democracy is one of the worst forms of government and historically democracies eventually collapse.

              • Every citizen should have equal weight in determining the highest office in the land. Clearly the EC system has 40% failure rate in the past 17 years.

                • We should let ONE SINGLE state determine what’s best the entire country. You’re so smart. If it had been the opposite and Trump won the popular vote, we wouldn’t be hearing anything else about it. SORE LOSERS!

              • Thanks oldteacher: People need to understand what democracy is, The founders of this country forshaw this and want to give the minority a say in the way the country moves.

              • old teacher-you are very correct in your statement that this is a Republic and not a democracy. Our system of presidential elections was set up in such a way as to prevent large populous areas from having more of a voice than less populous states and also to give a voice to the states that are primarily rural-those states that put food on our table. To give states such as California and New York with their dense populations the power to choose our leaders would be a catastrophic mistake. The fairest method would be to use both the popular vote and the electoral votes to elect a president. The popular vote in each state would be divided by a percentage for each candidate and the electoral votes would be awarded according to those figures. This election is OVER and it’s time for these protesters to come to terms with it, get back in school and/or work, quit destroying property, blocking highways and roads, and act like mature human beings. Oh, and I would like to mention something that a late paternal uncle said back in the mid-40’s when he said that a democracy would NEVER stand because the electorate would become so demanding of free services and that is what we are seeing in this time in our history.

          • Be grateful…if it were just popular vote Kalifornia could vote you into oblivion and you would be totally hepless to resist. Total abortion would be law of the land and the lgtbm[whatever] movement would cease to exist. A Republic is the only hope for the minority to have a say in anthing at all.

        • It… actually favors smaller, less populated states more than any particular party. Many of those states lean heavily Republican, but not all of them. It’s also deliberately undemocratic, having been intended as a buffer between a populace who may not have much information about the candidates and selection of the president, though it’s been nearly 2 centuries since that was relevant.

          • Thankfully our forefathers had the right mind to create a Republic rather than a Democracy. Rule by the majority creates moral relativism. In Sparta, a Democracy, the majority decreed the laws and the will of the people. They killed children who were deemed not strong enough to survive, disfigured, or too small.

      • are you daft? Obama has been printing trillions of dollars and the fed has not been raising interest rates. that is the perfect recipe for another financial crisis. They should never have bailed out the banks in 2008, they were the people who caused the 2008 crisis and government gave them a big fat cheque for doing it!!! the Obama administration has been a disaster from start to finish. they are leaving Trump with the economy in horrendous shape, with the worst debt in history and you want to start pointing fingers at Trump before he is even in office??? you have completely lost your mind

    • By that standard, Trump shouldn’t be president, because he’s even worse. Politifact, or even just basic checking shows that he’s told more and more serious lies.

  2. So, Clinton won the popular vote by 1.1 million…and won California by 3 million votes. So she lost the popular vote by 2 million in the other 49 states. I think they will get push back on trying to implement a popular vote law to elect the president. We are not going to allow a single state(or two) to determine the election. California most certainly doesn’t speak for the rest of the country.

    • How about we just have the majority of the citizens of the United States decide our elections, not just a clust of little states that have no population.

      • A cluster of little states? Thirty out of fifty is what Trump received. The alternative (popular vote alone) would put the choice in the votes of about a half dozen large metropolitan areas. All the rest of the states’ citizens would have no voice.

      • Like the “Hunger Games”? Big city populations as oppose to the little colonies? First off Anonymous, if popular vote was needed to win then candidates would just campaign in highest populated areas. Campaigning in just a couple of states sure would be cheaper. Even Clinton knew popular vote was not going to do it, that’s why she campaigned in states with highest electoral votes.

      • Yeah , and how many of the 13 million votes in California were cast by illegals (?)…if you take California of the table ,Trump beat Hillary by over 1.7 million votes in the nationwide popular vote and he also trounced her in the editorial collage vote ! Just face it WE WON ! And Hillary LOST !
        TRUMP UNTILL 2025 ! ……M A G A ! ! ! ……

    • The only thing that really bothers me about your posting, is that you are pitting state against state! We are ALL citizens of the same country, so why should a voter from California or ANY state for that matter, be treated to less or more value than any other state. This is what continues to divide us, to the detriment of the country as a whole. State boundaries should only be relevant for local government, and the nation as a whole should come together for the good of us all. The civil war was fought for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to unite as “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”, not 50. Time to get rid of the Electoral College and have ALL people have a voice.

      • Without the electoral college, you would not get choice of “the nation as a whole,” you would get the choice of the voters of about a dozen large metropolitan areas, mostly from the west and east coasts. The voters in the majority of the states would have no voice.

          • Why is what he is saying ‘bogus’? It’s a very valid and relevant point, that our wise founding fathers made. With being a republic, not a democracy, his point is very well made, in that those states with less population than the coastal states not voting for clinton, would lose any say in electing a president. The founding fathers made this as a compromise for a reason. Are you saying you’re more wise than they to remove this protection?

        • Nope, what you’d get is the candidate who gets the most votes as President – if you look closely, I think you’ll find that that is how “proper” democracy works.

          • @ Richard Smart, If you lived in a country that was a Democracy and they outlawed certain races because the majority race was one certain race then you’d probably be imprisoned. Be careful what you wish for. Moral relativism is vey popular in the Left and it will be their undoing.

      • Then the president will be elected by California
        or New York,forgetting the rest of the country. It’s that fair? In those states the latins are almost mayority and in this case about more than 60% did vote for Clinton.without those states Trump have a much larger popular vote. Be a good looser.

      • Exactly ….why should a few metro areas determine the out come of such an important election just because they have more population…..who contributes more to are GDP and the physical survival of are nation then agricultural regions ….The socialist democrats have already destroyed industry in this country …..why should we set back allow the continued disenfranchisement of such an important part of our society……when the store selves go BARE they will kill and Devore there own……….

        • Let me see if I have this right. That the majority of this country live in the most populous states, that their votes should be worth less than a farmer from Iowa. That you think that agriculture brings more wealth to this country than technology and manufacturing, (don’t have too many auto parts manufacturers or health centers, or Universities, or technology centers or airplane manufacturers, or any business in the trillion dollar defense industry in Longbottom Kentucky? Why would the seventh largest economy in THE WORLD (that’s california for my rural brothers) have less value than the voters Podunk Mississippi? This is the same crap that generations of southerns hang on to the idea that “the south shall rise again” and have NEVER come to terms that we are ONE NATION, and have kept the battle flag of northern Virginia as a symbol of their resistance to having one nation. So congratulations making way for more hate, more attacks on minorities, more assaults on “OTHERS”. Make sure to keep us all separate and unequal and always fighting each other. Make sure you pat yourself on the back for electing a billionaire from NEW YORK that doesn’t really give a crap about you. Let’s see what you think abou THE DONALD, after the jobs go to the coasts and the Midwest, where the money is, and the rural states get to grow more feed for cattle. Just remember, YOUR jobs never went over seas, they were made to disappear with technology, made and designed by educated voters in major states with major populations.

      • @Anonymous2 – a popular vote would not cause us to “come together for the good of us all”. It would divide us on urban/rural lines. Our entire system of government is DESIGNED to create a balance between “majority rule” (house of representatives) and “State’s rights” (Senate) – the electoral college simply extends this good design to the office of the president as well.

      • Only Americans should have a voice in America’s future and your idea of Washington control sucks ! And it’s definitely time for more stringent controls on who is allowed to VOTE ,we need Proof of citizenship to be allowed to register to vote and picture id to vote ! Also English ONLY ballots !

    • That is exactly why the Electoral College exists. Otherwise, the States of Ca. NY. Tx would carry the popular vote and could control the election process. There is another State but I don’t recall which one. So that would be 4 States out 50. The votes in the other States wouldn’t matter then. Get over it, that’s the voting law for over 200 years. Hillary isn’t the only one that ever lost Electoral, but won popular. There have been 5.

  3. I’m hearing that 3 million illegals voted this election. Can any confirm that with evidence or a source? If true I think it fair to assume almost all of them would have voted Hillary and that number should be eliminated from the total.

  4. By far more Americans (not Russians, but AMERICANS!) live in California than in any other state. Why should their votes not count just as much in determining who becomes the next president as the votes do in any other state. Yet, they don’t. A vote in Wyoming is worth 3 times as much as a vote in California is in a presidential election.

    Just look at the comments from some of the people who voted for Trump. One says he’s heard that 3 million illegals voted. Another says Hillary didn’t win because SHE LIES (emphasis hers). Worse, you read these sorts of dubious comments from predominantly Trump supporters over and over again. Is it any wonder our democracy is failing us given the paltry critical thinking skills displayed by so many of our citizens?

    • About the “dubious comments” of Hillary’s lies you also heard the FBI director and Hillary her self. Wait a second, I forgot! She only “misspoke” . She does that a lot, doesn’t she?

    • A few million Californians’ vote are no respected because their votes (in this case for Trump or other candidates) are effectively ignored because all of the electoral votes go the candidate with the majority. One thing that makes this a little more tolerable is knowing that many other states’ citizens do have a voice because of the electoral college.

    • When does California vote counts? Every time we pass something the far far left goes to the far far left court’s and gets it labeled unconstitutional. So our vote doesn’t count. Why should we vote for anything or anyone in California?

    • We don’t live in a democracy ,thank God and it’s 3 million (or more )illegals in California illegally voting ! So in till California cleans out their vermin ,who are abusing our system, screw California’s corrupt elections …without California President ELECT DONALD TRUMP WON the Popular Vote in ALL the other
      states combined by over 1.7 MILLION VOTES plus A Landslide Victory in our Electoral College 306 to 232 ! …plus the house and Senate controlled by Republicans ….Yeah Trump … till 2025. …M A G A ! ! !
      Face it ,YOU LOST …GET OVER IT !

  5. Just like the small states with small populations control the senate, the same is true for the electoral college. This is NOT a democracy. Time to not only rethink the electoral college, but the way the senate and congress are apportioned. It is rediculous to have Wyoming and Montana with populations under 1 million people to have the same senatorial power as California and New York with over 70 million citizens. This is not a representative democracy, and to make It more representative we need to double the number of congressional seats and reduce the power of the senate, or apportion the senate as they do with congress to have a senate reflected by population as well. Tired of seeing 5 states with little population running the senate.

        • I guess you learned history of our republic the same place you learned math. You are right, we are not the Democratic United States of America. Should we add “socialist”? We are the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. And if you are a member of the minority you thank God for that.

          • You are correct, Wyoming has even less than I thought. I figured that Montana and Wyoming had about a million each, and as you correctly pointed out, I was off. Wyoming has only 550,000, about the same size as greater sacramento, which ranks fifth or sixth for California, while the combined population for New York and California is just under 60,000,000! You got me. I guess that should make you proud. By the way, you know what the value of TP IS?

          • Well said, TeePee. The founders understood that democracy is one of the worst forms of government and historically democracies eventually collapse. And if you are in any minority group, the last thing you should want is a democracy. It is so sad that people go through our public school systems and still have so little understanding of history, government, and economics.

        • The process is there in our Constitution to eliminate the electoral collage …just amend our Constitution! But good luck getting those ” small states” to relinquish their voice in politics …ain’t gonna happen ever!

    • Maybe you should read up on our form of government. It is a constitutional republic, governed by laws, not by mob rule of the majority, who ever they might be at the moment.

      • There is not another democratic government in the world that has anything resembling the Electoral College. And if you are so fond of history, you will know that those that proposed it tried to get rid of it, because it never functioned as it was meant to. And for the love of God, why would you call an election by the majority as “mob rule”. Minorities will always have protections in the courts, that why there are three branches of government. That is the protection given to minority positions by the Constitution. To think that the majority vote for president is “mob rule” is at best, foolish and un-informed.

      • And just to add one more fact. There is not a single governor, senator, congressman, assemblyman, or dog catcher that did not win their position by a majority vote. So I guess all the state governments are run by “mob rule”.Only the chief executive is elected by this arcane method. Foolish thinking

    • You are correct that the USA is not a democracy. It is a constitutional republic. The founders understood that democracy is one of the worst forms of government and historically democracies eventually collapse. Together with a free market economy, our government structure is one of the genius ideas that has allowed us not to just remain a nation, but to thrive and provide advances that the entire world has benefited from, It is so sad that people go through our public school systems and still have so little understanding of history, government, and economics.

      • Clearly and I mean CLEARLY a lot of people never paid attention in school. The US is a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY! Even if you never paid attention in school I’m sure you at least must have said the Pledge of Allegiance once in your life. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of America and to the REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS”. Oh wait I forgot the lefties took that out of schools too. My bad! It doesn’t take much reading into the US Government, US History, Constitution or even a Civics class to know this. Its like 3rd grade level stuff. The US National Government is a Republic. State level Government is a Democracy. The Electoral College also plays into this kind of. State level positions are selected by the people of the state. Popular vote wins. National Positions such as the president are also selected by a popular vote. But this again is amongst each state. Not every state has the same population, therefore each state has a different number of electoral votes. The popular vote winner of each state gets that states electoral votes. The states with a higher population get more votes. See how that works. This is the best and easiest way to avoid voter fraud, election rigging and purchasing an election. There are too many variables, loose ends and loop holes for the US to ever have a straight popular vote elect a position as important as the president. I pray, as well you should too, that the US never becomes a full democracy. Especially if its run by a Democrat. The Constitutional Republic limits government law and spreads power throughout everyone. Honest Abe said it best; “That this nation, under god, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth”. A Democracy would not only put our constitution and our constitutional freedoms in jeopardy it would also jeopardize this country as a whole.

  6. In CA, your vote doesn’t count in a national election, because the state is so far left the race is never close enough for anyone’s vote to mean anything. There are not even any statewide offices occupied by Republicans. It’s truly a one-party state. So why would any Republican presidential candidate EVER spend any time or money in CA ?? Had Trump campaigned there, as he would have it the popular vote were what counted, Clinton would still have won but by far less the the 3-plus million vote margin she actually achieved. Since most of the states with large populations are similarly tilted sharply to the left, it’s obvious that those would be the only “battleground” states in a world without the electoral college. People need to be careful what they wish for…w/o the electoral vote system, every election would disintegrate into Florida 2000. Recounts would be going on in every precinct across the country until doomsday. If you thought it was bad in 2K, multiply that by a thousand-fold.

    • Also, please re-read your first sentence “in CA, your vote doesn’t count in a national election”. I guess that says it all. Why on earth would the state with the worlds seventh largest economy, the country’s largest population, and the county’s most diverse citizenry have a say in the electoral process? And you call liberals arrogant? WOW

      • I wouldn’t call them arrogant, they are mostly just stupid. As to California, if they didn’t get their way they want out of the US. God, wouldn’t that be wonderful! They could become part of Mexico, they are part way there already, and we could build a wall around them too. We could have a moratorium against californians immigrating to the US! It’s exiting just to think about it!

        • It would be even better if Canada invited Washington, Oregon, and California to join up! LOL! It would more than double the population of Canada and give them some really nice warm beaches, while we get good health care for all! 👍Just daydreaming.

        • Thank you for admitting just how ignorant you are, you don’t know the difference between exciting and exiting? If the west coast left the US the red states would have to start paying their way for a change

          • Agreed, as the red states ALL pull more money from the government teet. When Texas was thinking about seceeding from the union with Perry, the Dallas newspapers showed that Texas would go broke without all the subsidies the get from the Feds. With Every 1.00 they pay to the Fed, they get 1.40 back, while California gets 78cents. So the blue states have been subsidizing the red states for years. Don’t you call that welfare? Maybe even socialism?

    • You do know that? How do you know that? Are you admitting you are a felon who voted? Why do right wing loons think repeating lies will make those lies true?

  7. @Jessica McBride You do realize but fail to mention that President-Elect, Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States also won the popular vote and was over 300 in Electoral College votes when the final count was completed. Final #Election2016 numbers #PopularVote: #Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750 #ElectoralCollege vote #Trump 306 #Clinton 232.
    Why is it so difficult for you to report facts rather than lies. President-Elect Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States would have beat B. Hussein in 2012. Your article is clearly pandering to Californians who haven’t changed their dirty diapers.

  8. This is the kind of reasoning that will keep the Democratic Party a minority party in the Congress and State Houses across the country.
    Nobody is going to change the Electoral College-no country on Earth with the population of the U.S. has direct election of the Head of Government-most are Parlimentary systems.
    The takeaway from this should be how limited the appeal of the Democratic Party is at a national level, particularly outside of metropolitan areas. If this is not appreciated and addressed the National Democratic Party is doomed.

  9. As a conservative, if I lived in CA under EC election rules, I might very well not vote at all. Under a popular vote regime I definitely would. And if California actually tried to keep illegals from voting one can only imagine what the real numbers would be.

    • Do you have any ACTUAL proof that even one illegal immigrant voted in CA? I know you don’t, right wingers like to repeat tripe they heard from an alt right fake news site

      • Moron forget to spell check your own shit? No doubt due to spell checking everyone else. Just like a liberal loser. Point out flaws to distract everyone from your inadequate self. That’s alt I have to say.

  10. Also important to point out that California had two Democrat candidates running for Senate and no Republican candidate. This likely significantly depressed Republican turnout in California making the Clinton margin in that state larger than it would have been.

      • Rob K. You either have a very small dick or don’t have one. I assume you claim your book learned demicrit views as real experience. The rules were laid down over 2 centuries ago. Typical demIcritical b.s. go back to your sewer in metropolis with all your participation trophies. While we podunk hillbillies will add another championship trophy won on a fair playing field to our trophy case. You lost loser suck it up pussy because it’s our ball and the game goes on by the rules we started the game with. America wins

  11. Trump won. Suck it up snow flakes. We now will get advances in the economy and things accomplished. good reddens to the asshat Obama and
    goodbye Hillary skank.

    • Why are Trumpbots so proud to be so ignorant? BTW Robert, the word you were trying to use was riddance, I love watching ignorant people spout off :)

      • Moron forget to spell check your own shit? No doubt due to spell checking everyone else. Just like a liberal loser. Point out flaws to distract everyone from your inadequate self. That’s alt I have to say.

  12. 30 years of their criminal gun grabs in the STATE of California cost them the next presidency of the UNITED STATE of America ?… You’d think by now they would’ve figured out they’re obviously doing something wrong… Did you ever notice that every strike the State of California took at our gun rights was immediately followed by a strike at the World Trade Center(s) ?……. Of course they didn’t want you to see that…

  13. First off demobrats are sore losers because their asses! Michelle Obama says now we have no hope. That’s exactly how I felt had Hillary been elected. My solution is for California w all their bleeding heart liberals to succeed from the union. That way the rest of us don’t have to pay to take care of Californias illegals. If you exclude California Trump would have won the popular vote by almost 2 million votes. This excludes the estimated 2 million illegal alien votes cast. All the celebrities that promised to leave the country w a Trump victory won’t have to leave and The View can continue to spew their hatred of the Trump administration. There would be no need to consider abolishing the electoral college.

  14. The weird insistence that if the popular vote were used, presidential candidates would just camp in California is utterly surreal. For that to make any sense, California would have to house more than 50% of the US population. It houses 12%

  15. I mean, ok sure, without California Trump would’ve won the popular vote, but you do know that California has 12% of the United States population, right?