Donald Trump Loses One Electoral College Vote to Ron Paul

TAMPA, FL - AUGUST 28: U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) (R) greets a supporter as he walks the arena floor during the second day of the Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on August 28, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. Today is the first full session of the RNC after the start was delayed due to Tropical Storm Isaac. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Ron Paul got an electoral vote today. (Getty)

With all the twists and turns in the election, nothing should surprise anyone. Hillary Clinton lost one electoral vote to the Native American activist Faith Spotted Eagle, and in Texas, Donald Trump lost one electoral college vote to Ron Paul.

Ron Paul was a big favorite in 2012, with many Republicans feeling like he was unfairly treated during the Republican primary, much like Democrats felt about Bernie Sanders this year. Well, it looks like someone still feels that way.

It wasn’t immediately clear which person cast a vote in Texas for Ron Paul. But when the results were announced, out of 38 electoral votes, only 36 went to Trump. One went to John Kasich (as Chris Suprun had promised he would do.) And one went to Ron Paul. Later, Sean Walsh of the Statesman reported that the vote came from Bill Greene of CD 34.

Some Libertarians lamented Ron Paul’s not running as Libertarian in this race, thinking that he might have done even better than Gary Johnson considering the political climate of this election.

The reactions on Twitter to the news were enthusiastic:

To see a breakdown of electoral votes in all states, please see our story below.

Electoral College Vote Results: State-by-State List

What are the results of the electoral college election? Trump has received the 270 votes he needs. See a state-by-state count as they are announced here.

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  1. Hillary lost another 3 to Colin Powell in Washington, and an elector in Maine tried to cast their vote for Bernie Sanders instead of Clinton, but was forced to change it.

  2. “Ron Paul was a big favorite in 2012”???? Ron Paul was mistreated by the media and debates over and over again, and as a result never had a chance to poll well or win a state. That is not how you treat a “big favorite”

  3. These Liberal Democrats that are demonstrating against President Elect Donald J Trump
    are not acting normal. I believe they are all under the influence of drugs. Nobody has ever
    acted like this after an election. Never in past history has this ever happened before. This
    country is in big trouble with these stupid, pathetic jealous people on drugs demonstrating
    because lying, corrupt Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential race. Nobody is to blame only
    Hillary and the Liberal Democrat Party themselves. They thought people were stupid and
    would vote for them again even though the Liberal Democrat party did nothing for the people,
    just for the crooked, corrupt Liberal Democrat Bureaucrats. Well, the smart people have
    retaliated and they voted for Trump because they had enough of the Democrat party. Now
    we finally have a President by the name of Donald J Trump who will help the people get
    jobs, feel safe, and will make this country great again. Thank God for President Donald J.