Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron wife, Brigitte Macron age, French First Lady

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron celebrate Emmanuel’s election as the next French President. (Getty)

Emmanuel Macron is the next President of France. He is the leader of the En Marche! party, which he created after resigning from the government as Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs. He’s married to Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux, who is 24 years older and was his French literature teacher. She will be France’s First Lady after Macron won the second round today.

The 39-year-old Macron and the 63-year-old Trogneux do not have any children together, but she has three children – son Sebastien and daughters Laurence and Tiphane – from a previous marriage. She also has seven grandchildren, so Macron is a 39-year-old step-grandfather.

The French Presidential election starts on April 23. The top two vote-getters – Macron and Marine Le Pen – will square off in the second round on May 7.

Here’s what you need to know about the next first lady of France.

1. Macron Met Brigitte When He Was 15 & His Parents Disapproved of the Relationship

Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron wife, Emmanuel Macron married, Brigitte Trogneux


Macron and Trogneux met when Macron was just 15 years old and she was his French teacher at a Jesuit middle school in Amiens. She was still married to her first husband, with whom she had three children. According to the book Emmanuel Macron: A Perfect Young Man by Anne Fulda, Macron’s parents told Trogneux to stay away from their son, at least until he was 18.

As Vogue notes, Macron’s parents tried to split them up by sending Macron to Paris to finish his studies, but that didn’t work.

“I cannot promise you anything,” Trogneux told his parents, Fulda writes, notes Reuters. Their relationship continued and they married in 2007, after Trogneux and her husband divorced.

Macron’s parents told Fulda that they believed their son was actually going after the heart of Trogneux’s daughter. They were stunned to hear that this wasn’t the case.

Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron wife, Emmanuel Macron teacher

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron kiss after he earned the most votes during the first round of voting of the French Presidential election. (Getty)

“We couldn’t believe it. What is clear is that when Emmanuel met Brigitte we couldn’t just say: ‘That’s great,'” Macron’s mother told Fulda. She is quoted as telling Trogneux, “Don’t you see. You’ve had your life. But he won’t have children with you.”

Although Fulda did interview Macron and Trogneux, Macron’s spokesman said he was disappointed that she didn’t ask about his parents’ approval of the relationship. “Emmanuel’s parents were keen on emphasizing that they did not lodge a complaint against Brigitte Auziere (Trogneux’s married name) for corruption of a minor,” Macron’s spokesman said, reports Reuters.

“Nobody will ever know at what moment our story became a love story. That belongs to us. That is our secret,” Trogneux is quoted as saying in the book.

The Daily Mail recently published home video footage of Macron in a school play, in which Macron and Trogneux are seen kissing each other on the cheek.

“Every Friday I went to write a play with her for several hours,” Macron later said. “We spoke about everything. And I discovered we had always known one another.”

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2. She Has 3 Children, Including a Daughter Who Works on Macron’s Campaign

Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron wife, Emmanuel Macron married, Brigitte Trogneux


Trogneux has three children. Her youngest child is 30-year-old Tiphaine Auziere, who works on Macron’s campaign and is a lawyer. According to the Quebec Telegram, it was Tiphaine who came forward to apologize on April 21 when posters of Macron’s rivals were defaced in Berck, a city on France’s north coast.

According to Closer, Tiphaine had been staying out of the public eye for much of Macron’s public career. However, she finally began appearing at events in November 2016 when she organized a meeting for En Marche!. Since then, she’s been a major part of the campaign. At her first event, she called her stepfather an “exceptional personality” and an “intelligent man.”

La Voix du Nord reports that Tiphaine also has two children herself.

Trogneux’s eldest child, son Sebastien, was born in 1975, making him two years older than her current husband. Her middle child, daughter Laurence, is the same age as Macron and was in the class her mother taught when they met.

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3. She Went to Agenda Meetings & Plans on Playing a Role in the Government if Macron Wins

Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron wife, Emmanuel Macron married, Brigitte Trogneux


If Macron wins, don’t expect Trogneux to suddenly stop playing a major role in his life at work. Alexis Kohler, his chief of staff when he was the economy minister, told Bloomberg that Trogneux attended agenda meetings. “She is a woman who’s involved in the life of her husband,” Kohler said.

“If I’m elected — no, sorry, when we are elected — she will be there, with a role, and a place,” Macron said on March 8, reports Bloomberg. “I owe her a lot, she helped make me who I am.”

A French documentary by France3 showed how Trogneux helped prepare him for a major speech. “Your voice drops at the point where you say ‘for,”’ she says in the documentary. “Raise your voice so we know what you are talking about.”

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4. Her Family Makes Millions as Chocolatiers in Amiens

Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron wife, Emmanuel Macron married, Brigitte Trogneux


Trogneux’s parents were Jean Trogneux and Simone Pujol. They had six children, with Trogneux as the youngest, according to

L’Express notes that Trogneux’s family is well-known in the north of France for their chocolates. Her nephew, Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, leads the family business, which made four million euros in 2013 alone.

Emmanuel Macron wife, Brigitte Trogneux, Brigitte Macron age

Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Trogneux in April 2017. (Getty)

If you live in Europe, you can order their chocolates online. The company’s Facebook page has over 14,000 likes.

The company’s best-known product are their macaroons, or Macrons d’Amiens. In 2014, a local jokingly told Le Parisien that, “We already had the macaroon from Amiens. Now we also have the Macron d’Amiens!”

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5. The Couple Decided Not to Have Children

Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron wife, Emmanuel Macron married, Brigitte Trogneux


During a BMFTV interview in April, Macron made it clear that he and his wife have decided not to have any children, Gala notes. He’s already the step-grandfather of seven children.

“We have chosen not to have children. A choice that was not selfish for me,” he told BMFTV. “It is a choice that has been assumed, which I had to make very young given the age difference. I did not need my biological children and grandchildren to give them as much love as I gave them.”

Macron’s unconventional marriage has led some to speculate that he’s secretly gay. Back in February, he laughed off rumors that he was having an affair with Radio France CEO Mathieu Gallet. “If you’re told I lead a double life with Mr. Gallet it’s because my hologram has escaped,” Macron said at a rally, The Telegraph reports.

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    • If it would be a male teachers having relationship with 15 yr old student he would be (rightly) prosecuted and end in a prison.

      It it would be a man marrying 24 yr younger woman he would be labeled as “CRADLE ROBBER”.

      If it is in both instances a female doing that …. it is OH-SO_WONDERFUL, old barrier and biases shattering LOVE.

      Or, maybe, just maybe, one must be a liberal, or “progressive”, for EU whatever, not bad conservative or “nationalist”?

      • Ms. Marcom (at that time 39) was teaching French his current hubby (President of the French Republic, that time 15) and her older daughter (Laurence) at the SAME class.

        Teacher to her daughter: “Hey, you do your homework and I will meanwhile have a date with your future step-DADDY and help him with his HW as well, OK?”

    • If a male teacher (39 or any adult age) would engage in romantic relationship with a 15 yr old student (especially female) he would be – with huge public and MEDIA support – prosecuted and thrown in jail.

      Not so if the teacher is female and “progressive” one to boot.

      This is yet another proof that that (white) “patriarchal oppression” liberals and media and protesters cry so loudly about is only in their imagination or in instructions from Soros foundation.

  1. “If you’re told I lead a double life with Mr Gallet it’s because my hologram has escaped,” Macron said at a rally, THIS HAS TO BE IN THE RUNNING FOR THE BEST ‘COME-BACK’ OF THE YEAR.

  2. France deserves these two adulterers- met in a Catholic school it figures the whole world is “slouching towards Gomorrah”, and Faithless France ushers in the Apocolypse. No matter how much the filth in Hollywood pump their sewage into the world and corrupt the formerly Catholic nations for their father Satan the Catholic Church is God’s only path to salvation and all the lies in the world can’t change that fact.

  3. weird or not,this is true love,get used to it .why should a womans age be a problem and not a mans,she is a human for crying out loud.please haters live your own ” traditional lives”they owe you nothing.

  4. It is very very difficult to understand Macrons marriage with much older woman,,,,
    Don’t you get any younger woman in your France,,,but it is your personal life,,
    As for as Macron is concerned it is his personal life he has to give account to God,,,,, I don’t want to comment him,,”KINGS OF ANCIENT TIME MAARIED LIKE THIS”
    but macron don’t go after many young woman,,,,,,,but you must marry a young woman to get children for your generation,,,,,,,bible culture is marriage with much much younger woman,,there must be more age difference,,husband must be older ,,like how Trump is married,,ISSAC marriage with REBBECCA is perfect example,,Issack,was 40 and Rebbacca 20 ….but your wife is much older than you…..she is already very old,,, ,
    So go for a new perfect virgin woman,,God bless you,,now you are in so called Sodom Gomorrah culture,, ,,,but I don’t think anybody in USA married like you,,,,,,,only one mention about a convert boy in church of Corinth,,but he was expelled from church by Apostle Paul,,,,,, ,,,
    But we cannot control kings,,,,,they have special calling from God,, ,,,,anointing ,they are led by spirit of God,,,,but what trump follows is a path of Christian life,,,,,,,,,,,,,but there are many good Christians live in USA,,,,,they follow bible culture,,,,
    Date with as young as 18′. God be with you God bless you,,,,,
    ,France is a very good country
    .FRENCH will prosper ,,
    ,,,France people are going to vote soon to elect their president.At this point I would like to ask Marine Le Pen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,My advice to Le Pen
    Why did you use such a harsh statement against your Father?
    Why don’t you feel sorry ,,regret for using such a word to fight your father, ,,,,
    Father and Mother are same rank ,,both should be respected,,,,, ,but why you love your mother ,,but not you Dad,,, ,
    Will you ever feel sorry for what you said to your Father?
    Why don’t you join ,,or request your father to forgive you and take him with you for election campaign?
    Do you not understand ,god loves old people in the same way he loves Children.?
    If your father feels hurt by you ,,about your words ,,then ,,God will ,,,,,, see that ,,,,you are also humiliated in election.
    Do you have more knowledge ,experience ,battle strength,,than you .Father?
    Why did you separate your mother from your father?
    Don’t hurt your father in his old age,,,
    I was also like you once ,,but now I asked God forgiveness. ,,,,
    God sometimes never forgives us if we speak against our parents,, ,,,,
    Le pen,,,, say a word to your father,, “sorry dad”,,,,I am very sorry,, ,,,,
    Let you mother go back to your father.
    How and what will he eat?
    Take your father to campaign,,join hand with your dad ,,say,,very often, sorry dad,, ,,forgive me,,,
    France vote me ,,!,,I love my dad, I respect him,,, ,
    You will be the president to France,,next week,,, dam sure. , ,,,,,,
    When God make you president,,, Help Christians here in India,,
    ( I am a mother ,my husband a good Christian believer he preached the gospel of Lord Jesus all over our city,,we are Protestant Christians)
    A gospel preachers wife in India,
    God bless both Le Pen and Macron,,,,,,

  5. Why I would vote Marne Le Pen the president of 🇫🇷 France,French republic five facts.
    1)She survived the bombing in her childhoods.So she has the guts love for nation. patriotism.
    2)In politics you should need to expel some even they meant to be your kith and kin.She expelled her own father that is marvellous .It is a very bold decision.But she has love and respect for her father.
    3)My father always says ,,if you live a life without debt you want to be a donkey.She borrows,copied the words of her revival that is great marvellous.
    4)She is more powerful as well build healthy body,,appears to be,,,physically she can beat a small statured Macron,,,Macron would only win debate,,but in real fight ,,Marine Le Pen. , ,the winner,,,
    5)Marine Le Pen separated her mother from her father,,because her mother was giving lot problems,so in way to help her father,she played a role and freed her father,,so she loves her father,,,and also he wanted give rest to her father in politics that is a great idea.

    • Imagine if he would be 63 with 24 yr younger female wife
      If he would be 39 yr old teachers with 15 yr old (especially hetero) female student (15 yr old).
      What would media, liberals, and in case of such teacher – student romantic relations POLICE & COURTS say?

      Would you be “happy for them”?
      No “hate” or profound disapproval?

      Why not?
      Equality of genders doesn’t go THAT FAR with you?

    • Why all the hate?
      Are you kidding??

      Why would we be happy for a textbook sexual predator?

      You tell me how happy you’d be to find out that your 15 year old child was having sex with his TEACHER (who’s a repulsive 24 years older than him)? And when the parents found out & told her to leave their kid alone until he was 18, she said NO!

      This was no happy accident that they just happen to fall in love… do you even know the real story?
      If you did, you wouldn’t be asking why all the hate, you’d be just as outraged as everyone else.

      Once she set her sights on him, she then set her claws in him… she groomed him (as most pedophiles do) she manipulated him, controlled him with sex and then she turned him against anyone who she felt was a threat to her (like his own parents). This woman is severely lacking any morals or ethics & on top of that she’s selfish, as SHE told him she didn’t want kids (not the other way around, he tries to lead people to believe that it’s him who doesn’t want kids, so people don’t blame her).

      His mother was right, she’d already lived her life by the time she met him, as she was 40 & he was only 15. How selfish is that??

      Plus, she was already married with 3 kids of her own when she started having sex with this kid (and to make matters even creepier (as if that’s even possible) her own son is 2 years OLDER than him & her own daughter was in the same class with him that SHE taught. Gross.

      Ugh, all of that creepy sexual tension right in front of your child?
      This woman is absolutely repulsive & reprehensible.

    • NOT so: This excuse is applied only to a) female and b) liberal/progressive one.
      If it would be 39 yr old male teacher (as Ms. Macron was) engaging in romantic relationship with his 15 yr old female student …. he will end up in jail with media applauding that and calling for protests against “patriarchal oppression”.

      If a male marries 24 yr younger female he is labelled “CRADLE ROBBER” and patriarchal oppressor.

      Clearly, VERY different standards allpy when it is a female AND liberal, “progressive”.

  6. In England she would have been arrested as she was his teacher. She would have been sacked, and probably sent to prison.

  7. Pedophile wife. Ugly relationship, as productive as this years french grapes. Gof help the French, but I think he abandomed them at the revolution.

  8. Ok. I cant type. Let me rephrase.
    Kings of England went to war with French Kings to prove themselves worthy of marrying a daughter of France. Skip forward seven hundred years, and you have as your best female a pedophile. No wonder France’s wine grape crop is failing.

  9. If it would be a male teachers having relationship with 15 yr old student he would be (rightly) prosecuted and end in a prison.

    It it would be a man marrying 24 yr younger woman he would be labeled as “CRADLE ROBBER”.

    If it is in both instances a female doing that …. it is OH-SO_WONDERFUL, old barrier and biases shattering LOVE.

    Or, maybe, just maybe, one must be a liberal, or “progressive”, for EU whatever, not bad conservative or “nationalist”?

  10. She’s a textbook sexual predator.

    She set her sights on him as a young boy, in the same predatory manner that a pedophile would choose their victims.

    She groomed him, sexually manipulated him from puberty, smothered him with inappropriate & forward sexual attention & began a sexual relationship with him at the young, impressionable age of 15.

    That is straight up stereotypical pedophile behavior & the fact that her own son is 2 years OLDER than him & her own daughter is the very same age as him (and was in the very SAME class) is SUPER creepy & weird.

    Not to mention she looks a bit too much like the crypt keeper… gross.

  11. underage boy in relationship with 25 years his senior “drama” teacher with a drwoned-in-money family and possibly in bad terms with her husband. that makes a perfect “French drama” scenario for a highly ambitious boy. he needed money and support, she needed a young fresh partner. heck they nailed it!