WATCH: Balch Springs Police Officers Use Taser on Handcuffed Man

A video leaked to a local news station shows white police officers in Balch Springs – the Texas city where an officer was recently fired and charged with murder after fatally shooting an unarmed 15-year-old who was a passenger in a car – using a Taser repeatedly on a handcuffed black man.

The footage, showing an April 2016 incident, was sent to KDFW-TV after the fatal shooting of Jordan Edwards by ex-officer Roy Oliver.

The man, Marco Stephenson, can be seen in handcuffs being held by one officer, while another officer sticks a Taser in his side and uses it on him. He falls to the ground and the officer fires the Taser again for several seconds.

“Don’t pull away. Don’t pull away. Do you get it? Do you get it?” the officer asks Stephenson, who responds “Yes sir.”

The officer then tells Stephenson, “Are you going to straighten up? Because I ain’t playing with you today. Now we’re going to get up and you aren’t going to do anything stupid again, you understand?”

You can watch the video below:

Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber said the incident was already investigated. He did expressed concern about the timing of the video being made public in the wake of the Jordan Edwards shooting. He told the news station he is concerned about how the video might affect the perception of his officers.

Haber also put the blame on Stephenson, who appeared to be complying with the officers and was being restrained in handcuffs and by two officers when he was hit with the stun gun.

“He’s been handled 37 times through Dallas County — 37 offenses,” the police chief told the news station. “He’s been arrested or booked into the Dallas County Jail 17 times. He’s been booked in through our facility 19 times and I think 33 separate offenses.”

Police told KDFW they were called to the neighborhood for a report of a man waving a gun and came upon Stephenson. He was found to be in possession of a BB gun.


Haber said the sergeant’s actions were questioned by his officers and it was referred to the Texas Rangers, Professional Standards and the Dallas County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit.

“We looked at it. At the end of the day, they did the right thing. They brought it to our attention,” Haber said. “We decided together that this was an administrative issue, not a criminal issue.”

Haber said the sergeant received a reprimand was put on a “no contact with the public” order until he completed classes on conflict resolution, anti-bias and how to deal with mental health calls, the news station reports.

roy oliver, roy oliver balch springs

Roy Oliver, right, with Police Chief Jonathan Haber. (Facebook)

Stephenson did not file a complaint with the department.

“We just hope people understand and realize that we’re out here doing these things,” Haber told the news station. “We’re out here actually policing ourselves and making sure we’re doing the right thing.”

The Justice Department has launched investigation into the Jordan Edwards shooting and this incident could be included in that probe, the news station reports.

The Balch Springs Police Department posted a statement about the video on Facebook:

Balch Springs PD is aware of the incident that occurred in 2016. The video was reviewed by the highest and prestigious Law Enforcement agency in Texas and that was the Texas Ranger Division. It was determined charges would not be filed against the Balch Springs Police Officer after the video was reviewed by an independent agency and an internal review was conducted.

With recent events we understand we are under the microscope from the public eye, and that is why we will continue to serve our community as we have done in the past. We understand people are upset and angry from the video that occurred in 2016 and we have made changes and corrections to better serve our community.

We invite those who want to make a difference to come and join or Police Department to grow and help us regain the public’s trust.

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      • You sound like an idiot Conundrum. The Blue Wall is always alive and well. I hope this arrogant Blue Boy has to get locked up in general pop and find out what it’s like to get juiced himself. If you defend this type of shit you should go with him. Maybe you can find a bitch in there who has an opinion like yours.

        • Blew one? Respect the badge sir. The police are here to protect and serve. Follow orders and you will be just fine. I hope I have helped you in some way today.

          • Maybe I can clear up your confusion, condumdum. Police are not morally superior to any other profession. There are some police officers who abuse their authority and beat people without just cause. When that happens, decent citizens do not defend wrongful, unprofessional actions, but call out the misbehavior and demand justice and change. No one with brains blindly insists that the police are always right or that all of them deserve respect. Also, you should try not to be such a jerk. I hope my advice will help you overcome your knee-jerk, unthinking response and understand that good citizens need to police the police departments to make sure that they honor their mission to are protect and serve.

            • Maybe I can clear up your your delusion, Nancy. Police have arrested this individual 19 times on 37 offenses and in this case are vastly morally superior to this criminal. You can look up Mr. Stephenson’s record and you can make a citizens arrest next time and see how that goes. Since you think I am a jerk then I hope he moves in next door to you along with his posse. I am sure you can turn his life around and help him make amends for the path of destruction he has left behind him. I will take your advice to help overcome my knee-jerk response if you take my advice that a good way to see a person’s future is simply look at their past. Your mission in life is for the police not to protect and serve but to come an hour or two latter and clean up. I think you should join your neighborhood watch, good citizen.

  1. As long as the police get to decide when the police are wrong the police are never going to be wrong, and when your friends get to decide if you did the right thing you will always be doing the right thing. these cops seem to think we are blind or stupid or both. I am a white woman and I can tell these cops are racists,but now that we have a racist in the white house they feel they can get away with just about anything and so far they seem to be right . the justice department under drumph is only there to protect the rich white male and that means none of us are safe from those we look to for protection.

  2. I hope they go through every single case involving this police department with a lice comb and if anything is found, the offending cops should be dismissed. In addition they should have to pay restitution to the families such as burial expences for those murdered. The racial incidents with the police are completely out of hand in this country and I could here the arrogance in this cops voice when he was speaking to this man. I don’t care what kind of record the young black man has…this cop is a parasite and he’s a bully. The world would be a better place if every obne of these cops were gotten rid of and new ones with strict training are brought in and a “one chance” rule is used. Ya snooze Ya Loose…go work in McDonald’s that is if you can work side by side with a black person. Many young blacks work in these types of jobs after school as do white kids. This cop is an arrogant scumbag.

  3. There are certain small towns in america that need to be bombed of the face of this earth…if anyone in Isis reads this comment, please hit towns like this one because these people do not need to breed much less try and govern.

  4. The officers were so stupid, they cut the backpack off rather than loosening the straps. Total disregard for the suspect’s personal belongings. The police were totally out of line and using their “badboy” tactics on the suspect. This town needs to clean house at the police department.

  5. 1. This guy was an idiot for waving around a B-B gun — it looks like a handgun. 2. The cop on the left was tired of dealing with this guy and is hellbent on getting him to leave town. 3. Rent the movie, “The Thin Blue Line” for an excellent documentary on how Dallas cops handle innocent people. 4. We will never, ever go to Dallas or even Texas. And we’re white.

    • B.B. gun and backpacks are for kids. Clint Eastwood is right, “We’re really living in a pussy generation.” Tasers are the least of Marco’s issues.

  6. Just like drumph these racists are more concerned with who told on the cop than with what the cop did. Keep up the good work leakers we need you to show up all these lies. The more people who post the truth the better because the cops lie to protect their own. do not get me wrong I believe in law and order, but not in power mad storm troopers who think because they wear blue they are above the law. It was probably one of the good cops who leaked the video if so “Thank You”

  7. chimps have great strength. has to do with the diminished need for brain capacity and increased feral strength that are found in Aperican-Amerikoons