A video of a man getting into a fight with the employees of a Burger King has gone viral. Click here to watch and learn about the fight.

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Is Burger King open on New Year’s Eve & Day 2016? What are the restaurant’s hours today? Get the details here.

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Snoop Dogg Burger King Training Video for Burger King Hot Dogs: Watch this funny video of the rapper talking about the new menu items at BK. Charo has a video too.

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What’s with the Burger King A-1 Halloween Whopper’s black buns? Check out the menu and read why the sandwich may cause your poop to turn green.

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Check out the best hamburger deals, discounts and where to get free burgers for National Burger Day. And, don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalBurgerDay.

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A man in Chicago whose office phone number got listed on a Burger King website as the contact number for the scheduling department pranks the callers.

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Well this is a new take on recruitment…

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This frees up so many possibilities.

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The genius hacker has turned Burger King’s feed into a faux-McDonald’s catastrophe.

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Relax, the fine establishments are still open for business.

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Every week I pick five things that made me proud to be an American. This week, it was damn easy: fast food, beer, football and Freebird.

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Every week, I pick five things that happened in the Land of the Free that made me glad I don’t live in Venezuela or Canada or some other hellhole. Let’s get on it!

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