A mother and her boyfriend are in custody after being accused of injecting the woman’s children with heroin. They allegedly called it “sleeping juice” and administered the drug so the kids would go to bed. Read more on the couple here.

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Rhonda Pasek and James Acord are the two adults who were found overdosed on heroin in a car in East Liverpool, Ohio. Click to learn more about the two.

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East Liverpool, Ohio police shared photos of parents found overdosed on heroin in a car with their child to highlight the dangers of the drug.

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The top cop in Gloucester, Massachusetts, promised to help any smack addict kick the habit if they turn in their needles and spoons.

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Pablo Vega Cuevas of Aurora, Illinois, alleged head of the Chicago cell of the Guerrero Unidos Mexican drug cartel, has been arrested in a sweeping operation.

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Cops say this high-priced hooker murdered this Google exec with a heroin injection and watched him die — on camera.

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Police are re-opening the investigation of Dean Riopelle’s death. Riopelle’s girlfriend, Alix Catherine Tichelman, may have killed Google exec Forrest Hayes.

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Google exec Forrest Timothy Hayes died on his yacht under mysterious circumstances. His alleged killer, Alix Catherine Tichelman, has been arrested.

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Fetanyl is powerful synthetic opiate that may be responsible for a spate of recent heroin overdoses, including Philip Seymour Hoffman’s.

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Here all the pics you need to see of Isabella Wing-Davey, the woman who found Philip Seymour Hoffman dead in his New York apartment on February 2.

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Zac Efron allegedly collapsed from a “hillbilly heroin” overdose, using oxycodone. Read on for details.

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A new study has discovered that 75% of the worlds heroin comes from Afghanistan, and what the U.S. has done to the opium industry. See the infographic here!

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