Rhonda Pasek and James Acord are the two adults who were found overdosed on heroin in a car in East Liverpool, Ohio. Click to learn more about the two.

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East Liverpool, Ohio police shared photos of parents found overdosed on heroin in a car with their child to highlight the dangers of the drug.

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The top cop in Gloucester, Massachusetts, promised to help any smack addict kick the habit if they turn in their needles and spoons.

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Pablo Vega Cuevas of Aurora, Illinois, alleged head of the Chicago cell of the Guerrero Unidos Mexican drug cartel, has been arrested in a sweeping operation.

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Cops say this high-priced hooker murdered this Google exec with a heroin injection and watched him die — on camera.

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Police are re-opening the investigation of Dean Riopelle’s death. Riopelle’s girlfriend, Alix Catherine Tichelman, may have killed Google exec Forrest Hayes.

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Google exec Forrest Timothy Hayes died on his yacht under mysterious circumstances. His alleged killer, Alix Catherine Tichelman, has been arrested.

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Fetanyl is powerful synthetic opiate that may be responsible for a spate of recent heroin overdoses, including Philip Seymour Hoffman’s.

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Here all the pics you need to see of Isabella Wing-Davey, the woman who found Philip Seymour Hoffman dead in his New York apartment on February 2.

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Zac Efron allegedly collapsed from a “hillbilly heroin” overdose, using oxycodone. Read on for details.

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A new study has discovered that 75% of the worlds heroin comes from Afghanistan, and what the U.S. has done to the opium industry. See the infographic here!

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