Derrick Rose is under criminal investigation, a letter from the LAPD confirms. Read the letter here.

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A news site has obtained video of officers laughing as Vachel Howard was dying in LAPD custody.

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Scottine Ross, a former porn star known as Brett Rossi, is the ex-fiancee of Charlie Sheen. Police are investigating Sheen for alleged threats made towards her.

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Ten Los Angeles police officers are under investigation after a TV news video caught them brutally punching and kicking suspect Francis Pusok following his failed attempt to escape on horseback.

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Daniel Yealu, 29, has been identified as the suspect in the LAPD shooting during which an officer was shot inside a police station. Here is what you need to know.

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A man suspected of shooting two LAPD officers has been found dead in the attic of a home in Willowbrook after a 13 hour standoff.

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Two LAPD Detectives were ambushed early Tuesday morning while driving into the station parking garage.

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Top Moments and Reveals From E3 2013.

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