Happy Earth Day 2017! Today on April 22 we celebrate the planet we call home. Check out these funny and poignant memes about our Mother Earth and how we can better take care of her.

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Following an invitation by the Fiji Prime Minister to President-Elect Donald Trump to come to the nation and see real climate change, Redditor AnOnlineHandle compiled a list of tweets where Trump denies climate change, dating back to 2012.

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Nature is a beautiful place and there are so many enjoyable activities that you can do. Here are five of the best outdoor sports you should experience.

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A video posted by YouTuber Luke Murray appears to show three men dumping toxic liquid illegally in the Nevada desert. The men claim that if they don’t dump the barrels, their boss will fire them.

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Heavy’s camping guide is your go-to checklist for survival essentials and hi-tech innovations alike.

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What day is the first day of summer for 2015? Summer begins with the summer solstice in late June. Find out the date and other information here.

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Tommy Caldwell, and Kevin Jorgeson, have reached the top of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. This is the pair’s second attempt at the wall.

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Kevin Jorgeson, and Tommy Caldwell, have reached the top of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. They are the first free climbers of the 3,000 foot Dawn Wall.

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Today is the winter solstice, where we observe the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It is an important day in many religions and cultures.

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Shay Kostabi recently moved to L.A. and has tips to share about what she has learned while hiking Runyon Canyon and Griffith Park.

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An epic nature showdown was caught on camera after a spider caught a bee, bit it, but the bee retaliated with a fatal sting to the spider. Both died frozen.

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From North America to England to Asia, deciduous forest trees begin to shed their leaves by changing color for fall. Check out the most beautiful pictures here.

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Get a glimpse at Khumba the zonkey, an adorable hybrid animal, in this video.

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The “Cowboy and Indian Alliance” hosted an Earth Day 2014 protest against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington D.C. Check out the pictures you need to see.

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The Google Doodle features a Puffer Fish, a Veiled Chameleon, a Dung Beetle, a Rufous Hummingbird, a Japanese Macaque, and a Moon Jellyfish, for Earth Day.

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April 22, 2014, is Earth Day, a holiday celebrating and advocating environmental protection. Here’s a look at its origins and what makes this year special.

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