Some schools are known for their academics, some are known for their parties, and others, like Wisconsin, are known for producing excellent football players.

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Jack Mitchell’s 45-yard field goal with 19 seconds left tied the game and forced overtime, then his 41-yarder gave Northwestern a 43-40 comeback win over Notre Dame on Saturday.

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Have you had enough of Jameis Winston yet? Well he’ll be on national TV again Saturday night so you might want to tune in when Florida State hosts Notre Dame.

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Manti Te’o knew what the real deal was but stuck to the false script anyway.

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T’eoing. The hot new meme where you pose with your imaginary girlfriend. Tim Tebow can officially retire from the Internet.

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The Heisman candidate with the bogus inspirational story is either a fraud or a fool. You decide.

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Every week, five reasons that we should be proud to be Americans. United States of Americans, that is. This week: Elvis’s colon, Justin Bieber’s brain, Miley Cyrus’s video and Republicans with rentboys.

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