Saved by the Bell Inappropriate Woo Edit

Nothing was more eye rolling than when Saved by the Bell tried to get serious and send a positive message. Luckily, that ship has gone down in flames with the addition of inappropriate woo’ing.

Saved By the Bell in 16-Bits

One of the Internet’s newest time wasters is the Saved By the Bell 16-bit game, where you guide Zach through classic episode dilemmas, e.g. Jessie’s caffeine pill problem. Jessie, you pill popping fiend!

Saved By the Bell Meets Final Destination

The cast of Final Destination 5… whoa, 5? Seriously? Eh, anyways they got together to make a parody of Saved By the Bell, complete with acid washed jeans, The Max and some pretty bad music. Oh, and there’s blood of course.

There Will Be Bell

Mash up the Saved By The Bell oil episode with There Will Be Blood? Why, that’s a splendid idea! Don’t mind if I do!