Tonight, Finnish singer Saara Aalto will be fighting to become the Season 13 winner of X Factor UK.

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Relley C was voted off last week, and now, only 9 contestants remain. Who is competing on X Factor UK this weekend? Meet the finalists here.

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Aimee Osbourne, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon, reacted her parents split in a cryptic Instagram post on Saturday. Whose side is she taking?

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Ozzy Osbourne has gone missing after his wife Sharon kicked him out of the house for having an affair with a celebrity hairstylist. His children are worried and can’t reach him.

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Aimee Osbourne, unlike her siblings, has shied away from the spotlight. See the best photos and read on about Sharon and Ozzy’s daughter.

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Longtime rock n’ roll couple Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have decided to split and it sounds like they’re headed for divorce.

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Ray J mocks Kanye West’s airport meltdown as he pretends to tackle a paparazzi on the streets of L.A. Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne thinks Kanye should sell cars.

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Matthew Mosshart has popped the question & is engaged to Fashion Police’s Kelly Osbourne. Check out the 411 on Mosshart & all about the proposal here.

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From Celebrities to Pets to the Man Himself, we have the Top 10 Moonwalk YouTube videos right here. Watch the Michael Jackson tributes & bloopers. R.I.P. MJ.

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Dr. Oz Beat Out Homeland?: Wrong Envelope Screw-up at Emmys

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The female members of the Osbourne clan are seriously butting their pretty little heads with Lady Gaga and her “Little Monsters.”

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She says her decision for a mastectomy was a “no-brainer.”

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Stay classy, Sharon. Your husband looks like a basset hound who had a stroke into a puddle of eyeliner and can barely make a coherent sentence and your two kids are attention-hungry (and food-hungry) no-talent fatasses.

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