Emmy Nominations 2013: Live Blog

Check out this Live Blog during the Emmy Nominations for Up-To-The Minute Updates on Homeland, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, and Netflix domination!

The Office: Portrait Studio

Dwight offers free family portraits for the staffers. Elsewhere, a pilfered diaper results in a high-speed car chase; Andy poses as a janitor and stages a covert coup; and Robert considers taking on a new business endeavor.

The Office: Turf War

Andy gears up for his comeback at Dunder Mifflin. Meanwhile, a boozy Robert California closes a nearby branch, creating a turf war when Jim and Dwight are pitted against another salesman.

The Office: Fundraiser

Unemployed Andy crashes a fundraiser for the Senator – and ends up the unlikely owner of a dozen disabled dogs. Elsewhere, Dwight learns a truism about auctions, and Darryl tutors Nellie in the fine art of eating a taco.

The Office: Angry Andy

Andy’s job and manhood are called into question as he returns with Erin to Scranton. Dwight is annoyed about something.

The Office: Welcome Party

As Erin and Andy plot how he should break up with Jessica, Robert California orders the office to throw a welcome party for Nellie.

The Office: Get the Girl

As Andy heads south to Florida to sweep Erin off her feet and Nellie makes herself at home in his office in Scranton.

The Office: Test Store

The Florida contingent puts the final touches on the new Sabre store, with Dwight preparing a theatrical presentation in his continuing bid to impress Nellie.