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    A Jersey City man says he and his family were unfairly kicked off a JetBlue flight. JetBlue says the family was being disruptive, but video of the incident doesn't seem to back up the airline's story.

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    Irish state police are investigating English actor and comedian Stephen Fry on charges of blasphemy in a TV interview he gave two years ago. Watch his allegedly blasphemous remarks and read about Ireland's 2009 blasphemy laws here.

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    The already bad floods that devastated parts of Arkansas and Missouri last weekend were made worse by levee breaches forcing mass evacuations and Interstate closures. St. Louis is effectively cut off from points southeast of it.

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    InfoWars host Alex Jones has been famous for decades, but his ex-wife Kelly rarely made the news until their ongoing legal battle to determine who gets custody of their three children.

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    A Monday night fire injured at least 10 people and destroyed at least half the Grande-Synthe Refugee Camp in Dunkirk, France.