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11 Best Hair Salon Chairs: Compare, Buy & Save

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Salon chairs are the feature in your salon that clients interact with the most. Clients notice if they’re torn, squeaky, or outdated–and they’ll definitely notice if they’re uncomfortable. Even if they love how their hair came out, clients might not send friends to a salon if that means they’ll have to sit on hard or unstable chairs.

I’ve gathered the best salon chairs for hairstylists with a range of budgets so you can see which is the best fit for you. Don’t forget to update your salon anti-fatigue mats to match or to consider salon chairs for kids if you have a lot of younger clients.

What Are the Best Salon Chairs?

Armchair style beauty chairs in white and grey Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Unique, luxurious look
  • Trusted brand
  • 450-pound weight limit
Price: $559.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Vintage barber chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reclining
  • 350 weight capacity
  • All purpose chair
Price: $389.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black simple styling chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fits with any decor
  • Great starter chair
  • Hydraulic pump
Price: $139.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black hair styling chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stylish design
  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Sturdy foot rest
Price: $259.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Bronze salon chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Unique style
  • Color choices
  • 400 pound weight capacity
Price: $269.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black reclining all purpose chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reclining
  • Gender neutral feel
  • 400 pound weight capacity
Price: $159.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black reclining all purpose stylist chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Hydraulic lift and reclines
  • 330-pound weight limit
  • Affordable
Price: $239.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Simple black faux leather hydraulic chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Cheap
  • Wide seat
  • Small cell foam
Price: $149.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Red hair styling chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Nice wide seat
  • Available in red or black
Price: $229.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White and red stylist chairs Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Modern style
  • Durable
  • Two year warranty
Price: $299.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Antique vintage style styling chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stands out from the crowd
  • 450 weight capacity
  • Color choices
Price: $629.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Lion Styling Chair by DIR

    • Weight capacity of 450 pounds
    • Stylish armchair look
    • Crystal accents
    • Easy to assemble
    • Lighter colors may stain
    • Doesn't recline
    • Not as wide as others

    If you’re looking for that luxe, sumptuous effect, DIR’s Lion Stylist Chair is the way to go. I love the tufted backrest that studded with sparkling crystal accents. It’s extremely comfortable and more like sitting in a hydraulic armchair than a normal styling chair. 

    It comes with a two-year warranty on the chair, two-year warranty on the hydraulic works, and a three-year warranty on the base. The chair comes in three colors: Grey (featured above), White, and Black.  

    With a weight capacity of 450 pounds, it’s a good choice for larger clients. The seat is right in the middle for width at just over 18 inches wide and it has a seat height range of 18.75 inches high to 24.25 inches high, making it a good choice for shorter stylists.

  2. 2. BR Beauty Sue Professional Salon All-Purpose Chair

    • All purpose
    • Reclines and has removable headrest
    • 350 pound weight limit
    • May not be great for short stylists
    • It's a little frumpy looking
    • You may not need a reclining chair

    The Sue All-Purpose Chair is great if you’ve got a small space and need your chairs to fulfill a lot of different tasks. It looks like a classic styling chair but reclines deeply for shaving or waxing services, and the headrest comes off so that the chair can also be used as a shampooing chair.

    The hydraulic lift is backed by a two-year warranty and has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. The seat is 19.25 inches wide and the open design of the arms leaves plenty of space for clients who might need a little extra room.

    The hydraulics adjust the seat from 20 inches to 26 inches high so if you’re on the shorter side, make sure you’ve looked at your optimum height range. The shiny chrome base isn’t completely flat but is conveniently tapered for a sleek look and is easy to keep clean. As far as looks, the Sue is more practical than particularly stylish but will fit into nearly any decor as a classic styling chair design.

  3. 3. K-Concept Styling Chair

    • 400 pound weight limit
    • Long-lasting foam cushion
    • Comfortable, modern design
    • Low profile base
    • Too boring for some
    • Not as durable as some
    • Not everyone loves t-bar foot rests

    This K-Concept Styling Chair is made with durable small cell foam cushioning which supports and cradles your weight. With a seat width of just under 19 inches and a static weight limit of 400 pounds, this is a good choice for stylists with average clients. The hydraulic pump to raise and lower the height of the chair has a very smooth operation and can bring the chair from 20 inches tall to 26 inches tall.

    The round chrome base is stable and has a lower profile than some of the other chairs. The black style fits in with any salon decor.

    This is chair is a good fit for all-around use.

  4. 4. Beauty Style Hydraulic Styling Chair

    • 400 pound weight capacity
    • Stain-resistant upholstery
    • Stylish design on arms
    • Good for slightly shorter stylists
    • Seat width is a little small
    • Needs assembly
    • Pricier than others

    This is Beauty Style Chair is a great everyday chair for a salon. It can hold up to rigorous use and the stain-resistant faux-leather keeps it looking great. The stunning lines of the armrests really stand out and give the chairs a modern edge. 

    It’s a good choice for slightly shorter stylists as the chair height adjusts from 23 to 27 inches high with its hydraulic pump. I love that it has a weight capacity of 400 pounds though the seat is a little narrow.

  5. 5. Shengyu Classic Hydraulic Styling Chair

    • Unique armchair look
    • 400 pound weight limit
    • Choice of colors
    • Attached hairdryer holster
    • Foot rest hits ground at lowest level
    • Some assembly needed
    • Style won't fit all decor
    • Closed sides not as accommodating

    This armchair style look with brass accents is definitely not your average salon styling chair. If your budget is in a similar price range and you want to prioritize a more unique look, this chair from Shengyu may have the look you’re hoping for.

    Your clients will feel pampered and expensive in this plush chair without you having to break the bank. The cushion is made of long-lasting small-cell foam and the full chair design is perfect to nestle into and get comfy. A really neat perk on this one is that it comes with an attached metal hairdryer loop holster.

    As far as technical details, this chair has a 400-pound static weight limit, a seat width of 19.6 inches, and a full chair width of 25.2 inches. The square chrome base isn’t flush to the ground, but it is a lower profile than some other chairs. This model also comes in black with a circular base that has an even lower profile. The hydraulic pump (with a year warranty) can raise and lower the seat from 20 inches to 26 inches.

    My only issue with this chair is that the footrest is so long that when the chair is at its lowest, it can touch the ground making the chair difficult to spin. So if you’re a short stylist who will need to keep this chair low most of the time, this might not be the one for you.

  6. 6. Merax Classic Black Hydraulic Swivel Barber Chair

    • In between a barber and styling chair
    • 400 pound weight limit
    • Wide seat
    • Color choices
    • Not for short stylists
    • May not be feminine enough
    • Footrest looks flimsy

    For a chair that can swing double duty of styling chair and barber chair, the Merax Classic is a good middle ground. It has a wide, armchair design that is masculine enough to technically be a barber chair, but not so much that it would be completely out-of-place in a beauty salon setting.

    If your client base has a variety of genders, this may be a good choice for you. Being a barber chair, this one reclines, though not so much as to work as a shampoo chair, but if you offer shaving services or facial waxing, being able to lean back and close their eyes could be a nice perk for your clients.

    This chair has a very thick, sturdy stand and low profile base for a very heavy-duty foundation that can hold 400 pounds of weight. The seat is 21.5 inches wide which should comfortably fit most clients.

    The hydraulic pump is quiet and can raise and lower the seat from 19.3 inches to 23.2 inches, so this one might not be the best for short stylists. The adjustable headrest is great for accommodating taller clients and the footrest is reinforced by a small leg of its own so people can more comfortably and safely put weight on it as needed.

    It’s available in several colors.

  7. 7. Eastmagic Salon Reclining All-Purpose Chair

    • Great all-purpose chair
    • Six inches of hydraulic lift
    • 360-degree spin
    • Wide seat
    • Not as stylish as some
    • Needs assembly
    • Not as durable

    If you’re on a budget and need a solid chair that can do everything? Go with the Eastmagic All-Purpose Chair. This chair has all the functions you need packed into a budget-friendly package.

    Need hydraulic lift? This chair raises from a seat height of 20 inches to a seat height of 26 inches. Need a chair that can double as a shampoo chair or a chair for facial waxing? It reclines deeply with an adjustable headrest for more comfort. 

    The chair also has a nice wide seat at 23.8 inches and is open on the sides making it more comfortable for bigger clients.  This is a great first chair for people starting out and for people setting a mini salon in their house.

  8. 8. D Salon Hydraulic Stylist Chair

    • 300 pound weight limit
    • Low profile chrome base
    • Small cell foam cushion
    • Great for short stylists
    • Not durable
    • Prone to tipping
    • Not as stylish as others

    I’m including one last budget chair in case you’ve gotten to the end of the list, looked at your budget, and have decided the above are still out of your price range. The D Stylist Chair isn’t the highest quality chair, but if you need something cheap in your salon to tide you over until you can invest in proper chairs. it’s a great in-the-meantime chair.

    It has a 300-pound weight limit and 20-inch wide seat to accommodate most clients. The round chrome base is low profile and rather small which could lead to tipping since it isn’t as heavy or solid as high-end chairs. While the maker rather inconveniently doesn’t provide height measurements, people who have used the chair have noted that the hydraulic pump goes low enough to be great for even very short stylists.

    Heavy duty vinyl covers small-cell foam for a comfortable seat, though the design isn’t the most elegant on the list. The footrest is wide and has a textured grip which I like. It’s a good choice as a temporary chair or for a home salon.

  9. 9. Plus Line Heavy Duty Styling Chair by LCL Beauty

    • 400 pound weight limit
    • Wide seat
    • Three inches of cushion
    • Choice of colors
    • May feel too wide for petite clients
    • Needs assembly
    • Arms not as comfortable as others

    If you service larger clients, this may be the chair you’re looking for. With a weight limit of 400 pounds and a 25-inch wide seat, this chair is made to accommodate a range of body types comfortably.

    The LCL Beauty’s Plus Line emphasizes comfort with generous three inches of padded under the PVC leather for a softer seat that will hold up over time and a vented back design that provides back support with venting to prevent overheating. The hydraulic pump can raise and lower the seat from 21 inches to 27 inches tall and t-bar footrest has ribbed grips to keep feet from slipping. This styling chair comes with an extra-large cape and chair cover.

    The fun red color really pops but it’s also available in black if that’s more your style.

  10. 10. Veronica Styling Chair

    • Durable, salon-grade construction
    • Modern, clean style
    • Sturdy low profile base
    • Foot rest with grip
    • Narrow seat
    • Only in black
    • Not best for very tall styists

    The Veronica hydraulic stylist chair is modern and sleek. It’s a perfect fit for a trendy space with sleek salon stations.

    This is a salon-worthy chair, backed by a two-year warranty. You can adjust the seat height from 17 inches high to 23 inches high. It may not be best for very tall stylists so make sure you’ve done some measuring.

    The low-profile flat base is heavy and wide for great stability and support. This seat has a static weight limit of 350 pounds and the seat has an inside width of 20 inches between the arms.

    The hourglass shape has a very modern and clean look to it, though it’s important to keep in mind that while vinyl is stain-resistant, white is more likely to show stains. I like that this chair requires very little assembly and is durably built to last.

    It’s currently only available in black.

  11. 11. Victorian Antique Style Georgia Styling Chair by Dream In Reality

    • Unique look stands out
    • 450 pound static weight limit
    • Hydraulic pump with two year warranty
    • Chair with one year warranty
    • Base with three year warranty
    • Colors to choose from
    • Doesn’t recline
    • Won’t fit with all decors
    • Arms not as comfortable as others

    For an entirely different look, skip the modern lines and go for the Georga chair–an antique-style beauty chair by DIR. The Georgia’s sturdy real wood frame that has been intricately carved into all these filigree details that make it look like the chair has metal trim.

    These are chairs that will certainly turn heads and make your clients feel like they’re being pampered while sitting on a throne.

    The hydraulic pump is rated at 450 pounds which is great, though the chair is a little narrow at just under 20 inches. The pump has a two-year warranty and gives a range of 21.7 to 28.7 inches high. High-density memory foam under the durable vinyl provides comfort and there is padding on the arms to offset the hard wood. This chair is available with either a round or square base and comes in black and grey.

How Do You Tell Which Styling Chair Is Right for You?

Choosing styling chairs can be intimidating. It's an important purchase and it can be a big purchase of several chairs. I'm going to break down what you need to be considering for your particular situation. From there you will hopefully have a picture in your head of what you're looking for.

How You Intend to Use Your Salon Furniture?

It seems like a no-brainer, but make sure you're taking stock of what you're going to be using your chair for. If you're looking for a styling chair for personal use in your home vanity, you probably don't need to spring for reclining seats or worry about it holding up to the type of wear a professional chair sees.

Depending on your budget, you can afford to skimp a little bit if your chair is going to be seeing only light use. On the other hand, if you are planning to use your chair in a professional capacity, the safety and comfort of your clients' needs to be paramount.

Are Used Stylist Chairs Worth the Savings?

Investing in quality chairs for your private space or salon now means fewer expenses later. Cheaper, low quality chairs will need repairs, replacing, and could ultimately malfunction and be unsafe for your clients.

Consider other types of chair for your salon. 

If your specialties are hair and makeup a stylist chair like the ones on this list is where you want to be. You want something with a solid, stationary base, quality hydraulic lift, good cushioning, and a foot rest.

If you need your chairs to double as shampoo chairs, make sure you pick something that can appropriately recline.

If this is for more of an all-gender setting or have larger clients, you may want to consider a barber chair that has a more masculine feel to them and tend to be more heavy-duty.

What Does Your Space Look Like?

Make sure you don't accidentally skip the step of measuring your space to be sure what you're ordering is going to fit. A cramped salon space is not a welcoming salon space. You want your space to feel airy, natural, and inviting.

If you're not sure one trick is to trace out the length and width of it on a piece of paper or cardboard and then cut that out so you can lay it on the ground to get a sense of how it will interact with other furniture.

Who Are Your Clients?

Keep in mind the people who will be sitting in this chair when deciding on a model. Do you serve a lot of children? Keep the colors fun. Make sure there's a matching or complementary booster available and that the hydraulics have a wide range of height adjustability. If you tend to see larger clients, make sure you're keeping tabs on the width of the seats and the weight restrictions.

What About Your Height?

Having a chair that puts your client at a comfortable height for you is indispensable. It's one of the ways listed by Empire Beauty Schools to prevent back pain.

There isn't a standard as to how high and low styling chairs go with their hydraulic pumps. Especially if you're exceptionally tall or particularly short, you'll want to do some measuring of what your ideal seat height range is. Comfortable height is critical to both you being able to properly utilize your awesome skills and also ergonomically so you aren't hurting your back.

Keep in mind as well that any job with prolonged standing can cause health problems so when possible, make sure you're standing on a salon mat to help mitigate that. 

What's Your Personal Style?

While function is more important than fashion for professional furniture, you do want your styling chairs to fit seamlessly in with the atmosphere of your space. If your salon is sleek and modern, a vintage barber chair will stand out in a bad way. While all black decor has its place, some contrast is good when it comes to colors.

What Does Your Budget Look Like?

Let's face it: the price tag is always going to be a big factor in your purchase options. Stylist chairs tend to run from around $100 to $500. While there are good budget chairs in the $100 to $200 range, those are more suited for personal use and less likely to hold up in a professional salon setting. For a professional stylist, anything under $200 likely won't meet your needs and you'll end up spending more money to replace it.

Think of it this way--to make a profit, the manufacturers are charging more than just the cost of materials. So try cutting the cost of a chair in half and consider if you could buy quality materials for the chair with that amount of money--the metal, the hydraulics, the cushion, the upholstery.

If it seems like you'd have to buy some low-quality materials to build a chair with $50 dollars, consider if a $100 chair will hold up to the how you need your chair to function.

Another way to watch your budget is to make sure you're not leaving any savings on the table. If you're not already aware of Amazon Business Accounts, they're free, for businesses of all sizes, allow for multiple linked accounts, and qualify you for exclusive business discounts.

That said, there's something to be said for buying something cheaper if you just need a home salon set up short-term because of quarantine issues