Jenelle Evans’ Dog Killing: Fans Accuse Her of Publicity Stunt

Jenelle Evans

Instagram Jenelle Evans wrote a heartbreaking tribute to her dog Nugget on Instagram, after he was allegedly shot and killed by her husband, David Eason.

Jenelle Evans has been accused of using her dead dog as a publicity stunt and exploiting the death of her pet following news that her husband David Eason shot and killed her dog Nugget last Tuesday. The Teen Mom 2 reality star reacted to the accusations on her Instagram story on Friday, claiming the incident wasn’t a publicity stunt and that she wasn’t using it to gain attention or fame.

For those who need a recap, a source reportedly told Us Weekly last Tuesday that Eason allegedly shot and killed Nugget after the dog “nipped” at the couple’s two-year-old daughter Ensley. Eason defended himself and his actions on his Instagram page (which has now been either deactivated or taken down), claiming it wasn’t the first time Nugget had “bit Ensley aggressively.”

Despite Eason’s apparent confession on Instagram before his post was taken down, Evans took to Instagram on May 3 to address a number of reports that she claims have printed inaccurate information about what happened when Eason allegedly killed her dog, Nugget. The reality star claimed nobody actually came to her home, although TMZ reported that Animal Services stopped by but left once they feared for their safety due to a pitbull sitting on the couple’s front porch, and “no trespassing” signs around the property.

“No one came to my house yesterday at all. If anything I spoke to the chief so ask him what I said,” she wrote on her Instagram story, according to HollywoodLife. “[TMZ is] also saying that my dog dying is a publicity stunt… are you f***ing kidding me?”

Evans then continued with another post in her Instagram story, saying, “I am not afraid to death of anyone or anything right now… I’m heartbroken. Stop writing lies about me. Yes marriage is up in the air at this point. I have only been away from home because I’m still hurt and upset. Please please stop.” She also posted a number of articles that she claims printed wrong information about the death of her dog, including one that said Eason was covered in blood after murdering Nugget. “This is one of the craziest rumors ever,” she said. “No one has saw my dog and neither have I since the incident. I go to sleep, stay off my phone, then wake up to more s***. No one was ever ‘covered in blood’ you SICK F***S.”

However, not all fans believe that Evans is as torn up as she claims she is about her dog’s death. After Eason admitted to killing her dog on Instagram, Evans drove her Instagram followers to a link in her bio for an article about the incident, which revealed private texts from the reality star. The post has since been deleted, but the internet never forgets.

David Eason, Jenelle Evans

InstagramEason’s daughter Ensley after Nugget nipped her in the cheek.

“You’re profiting off of your dogs death? How low,” one person commented. Another said, “What a way to exploit your very severe issues going on at home.”

Although Evans removed the post, fans still commented on her other pictures, with one fan stating: “Nah, don’t think we forgot you used your dog’s death and marriage situation so you can post links on your story and profit off the situation…”

The Teen Mom star also posted a heartbreaking tribute to her dog on Instagram, but many of the comments showed a skepticism of Evans’ feelings about the situation in the comments of her post, with many accusing her being just as responsible for Nugget’s death as her husband. Some pleaded with Evans to leave Eason, asking what it would take for her to finally realize that her husband is abusive.

“GET OUT!!! [he] whips your children, breaks your collar bone and kills your dog??? How many reasons do you need exactly? GET OUT before it’s not an option anymore,” one user wrote.

Some blamed Evans as much as they blamed Eason for the dog’s death. “Your tears mean nothing….You’re as responsible for that sweet dog being gone as the monster who sent him away,” one user wrote, which got over two thousand likes.

Many users noted that the dog looks visibly agitated in the video Eason posted, and instead of stepping in and separating the two, Eason just continued recording the incident, which caused some fans to believe he set the entire incident up.

“He clearly set it up. I think he was probably jealous of the bond you had with your dog. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sorry he’s trying to brain wash you into thinking he’s being some mighty protector and that his intent was good.. because it wasn’t,” another user said.

This isn’t the first time a call has been placed to police, regarding Eason. According to Newsweek, Evans went to a hospital back in October after Eason allegedly attacked her in the yard of their North Carolina home.

Audio of Evan’s 911 call was released, in which the mother-of-three claimed Eason had “pinned” her to the ground so hard that she could hear her “collarbone crack.” During the call, Evans states that her husband had been drinking and at some point Evans claims he “pinned [her] down on the ground” in the yard. “And I think I heard my f–king collarbone crack,” Evans says hysterically. “And I can’t move my arms.”

Although the ambulance was canceled, Evans still checked herself into the hospital following the incident. Authorities also confirmed receiving a call from her home, but no arrests or charges were made. However, after the 911 call was released to the public, she claimed that the whole thing was a “drunken misunderstanding.

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