Jenelle Evans’ Texts: Husband David Eason Hit, Chased & Shot Dog

Jenelle Evans

Instagram Jenelle Evans wrote a heartbreaking tribute to her dog Nugget on Instagram, after he was allegedly shot and killed by her husband, David Eason.

Jenelle Evans released a series of text messages to the media Thursday afternoon, which detail how her husband, David Eason, shot and killed her dog Nugget on Tuesday. The texts were released exclusively to CeleBuzz, who uploaded screenshots of the messages.

According to the texts, Evans was home when her French bulldog Nugget nipped at the couple’s two-year-old daughter Ensley. Eason flew into a rage after the incident (which he was also taping and posted on his Instagram page), grabbed the dog and threw her outside, where he hit her. Nugget then took off running into the woods, where Eason chased after her before shooting and killing her with a shotgun, according to Evans’ texts.

Throughout the texts, Evans reveals that Eason is facing jail time (although it is unclear if he is going to jail because of the events involving the dog or something else), and that he was begging her to come home, which Evans refused to do.

She said she heard the gun go off and ran outside, where he shouted at her: “Your dog is dead I wouldn’t come over here.”

“He’s begging me to come home and telling me he regrets what he did and he’s sorry,” she wrote in her texts. “And I’m like, ‘I’m sorry I don’t care… Nugget won’t come back. He still won’t answer me.”

You can read a full transcript of the texts below, courtesy of CeleBuzz. They are transcribed exactly as they were written through the text message.

That’s fucking nuts

I didn’t see anything what happened and he took the dog outside and hit her.

Like I didn’t see him shoot the dog and didn’t see her body or anything becuz I didn’t want to

I heard the gunshot in the living room … he only had a shotgun not a pistol too holy shit

The shotgun was already outside in his truck so I didn’t even know he was going to shoot her

She ran away to the woods and he chased her and shot her

I came out and he yelled “your dog is dead I wouldn’t come over here”

And I was by my pool when he yelled it from the woods

Then I started yelling at him

David won’t answer me if they are there or not

But I mean my pitbull has a doghouse outside and isn’t on a leash so he’s fine and my animals have food water and houses soooo I don’t think they will do shit unless I press charges

Like no one knows he’s already going to jail tomorrow and he’s freaking out

He’s been texting me the whole time

But now he’s not

And he’s begging me to come home and telling me he regrets what he did and he’s sorry

And I’m like “I’m sorry I don’t care”

“Nugget won’t come back”

He still won’t answer me

TMZ reports that Eason is now under investigation for animal cruelty after the Attorney General’s Office received 138 complaints about the incident. The Attorney General’s Office referred the complaints to Animal Control after review, and also informed the Columbus County Sheriff.

It’s unclear at this time if Eason is facing charges, an arrest or any jail time in connection to the dog’s death; Animal Control first needs to confirm the dog is dead, and verify Evans and Eason have possession of the dog’s corpse before any charges can be brought up, according to TMZ.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office told TMZ that they, along with the Columbus County Animal Control, have “initiated a joint investigation into allegations of animal cruelty. The investigation is ongoing.”

David Eason

InstagramDavid Eason, Jenelle Evans’ husband, is reportedly under investigation for animal cruelty after he allegedly shot and killed Evans’ dog Tuesday afternoon.

Eason defended himself and his actions on his Instagram page (which has now been either deactivated or taken down), claiming it wasn’t the first time Nugget had “bit Ensley aggressively.” Eason posted a video and a series of photos featuring their 2-year-old daughter on the social media site with the caption “I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face,” he captioned the clip. “Whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that s—t at all. I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me.”

Evans wrote a tribute to her dog Nugget on Instagram Wednesday morning, while simultaneously confirming that the French bulldog was dead, although she didn’t outright admit that Eason was responsible. She also wrote a series of tweets in response to the allegations against her husband, claiming she the story was misconstrued by the media and that she hadn’t “run away from home,” like one outlet reported.

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