Corey & Evelin’s Dating History: How Long Have They Been Together?

Corey and Evelin, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Corey and Evelin, stars of the hit reality series "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way."

Corey and Evelin, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Waywere together for at least four years before Corey moved to Ecuador to be with Evelin in person. The couple was dating long distance before Corey uprooted his life in Washington and relocated to Evelin’s hometown of Engabao.

The TLC description for tonight’s episode reads that “Corey is conflicted about returning to Evelin in Ecuador,” so fans might be wondering if the two are still together and if they were able to work through all of the issues that they’ve been dealing with on the show.

Here’s what we know about Corey and Evelin’s relationship timeline, their dating history, if they are still together today:

Corey Met Evelin While He Was Vacationing in Peru & The Two Dating Long Distance For Several Years

Corey was backpacking across Peru several years ago when he first met Evelin. Corey, who considers himself an “adventurer,” decided to go surfing in Ecuador while on vacation, where he met Evelin on the beach.

“One day, I see this girl, she’s super pretty and she comes walking up to me,” Corey said of their first meeting. “After two weeks in this beach paradise, Evelin invites me to go back to her town.” He compared the meeting to something “out of a movie.”

“I was crazy about Evelin from the moment I met her,” he tells the cameras in the clip above. “And to show her I’m 100 percent committed to her I started helping her out financially in Ecuador.”

Corey sent Evelin over $40,000 throughout their long distance relationship before he finally decided to move to Ecuador to be with his girlfriend. He said the money was for Evelin to invest in properties, her vehicle, and a cocktail bar that the two now run together. He chose to move to Ecuador to be with Evelin because she didn’t want to stay in the U.S.; after visiting a few times, she said was homesick and wanted to be with her family.

The Couple Has Overcome Many Issues Throughout Their Years Together, Including a Few Cheating Scandals

Fans of The Other Way are already aware of the obstacles Corey and Evelin had to overcome throughout their time together. Viewers have long insisted that Evelin was using Corey for his money, and when Corey finally moved to Ecuador to be with her, the two fought over finances often. Corey also had a hard time adjusting to life in what he considered a “third world country.”

“Engabao is covered with pigs,” Corey said of his first impression of the city he now calls home. “It’s very scary, it’s very third world.” Evelin had also said on the show that she was only “hoping” the relationship would work out before he moved to Ecuador, so it didn’t give viewers the feeling that she was really invested in the relationship.

They have also had trouble getting on the same page with what they want for their future together; Corey said on an earlier episode of the show that he wants to live in a big house someday and have “lots” of children, while Evelin said that that “isn’t her dream” and that she “doesn’t see it in any kind of future.”

Evelin has also been involved in a few cheating scandals throughout their time together; the reality star admitted to hooking up with her ex while she and Corey were on a “break,” although Corey didn’t consider the two broken up at the time.

The above issues were just a handful of some of the obstacles the couple has had to overcome in their four-year relationship, which leads us to our next question: are the two still together today? Were they able to move past their differences and build a future together? Read on to find out.

It Appears The Couple is Still Together Today, Although Viewers Won’t Know For Sure Until The Season Wraps Up

Evelin’s Instagram page was private for a good portion of the year and Corey only sporadically updated his own page with throwback pictures of the two, so fans weren’t sure if the couple was still together or if they’d called it quits after filming.

Despite the rocky ups and downs fans have witnessed on the show, the couple appears to be happier than ever on social media. Both reality stars have been posting silly videos and pictures with sweet, gushy captions on Instagram for the last few months, and they have each addressed their relationship issues with fans on their respective pages as well, often claiming their issues are over dramatized for television through TLC’s sneaky (and somewhat deceptive) editing.

Although contractual obligations to TLC likely stops the couple from addressing their relationship status publicly and officially, if social media is any indication of their status now, they are definitely still together. Corey’s profile picture on Instagram is a picture of him kissing Evelin, so things are looking up for the couple for the time being.

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