Who Wins ‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Tonight? Does Peter Weber Propose? [SPOILERS]

After a tumultuous first night of the two-night finale, Bachelor Peter Weber is finally going to choose between Hannah Ann Sluss and… well, he’s going to decide if she’s the one for him or if he’s going to be a single man at the After the Final Rose live reunion because Madison Prewett quit the show during Monday’s (March 9) finale after it became too hard to reconcile their differences.

During the conclusion of the finale and throughout the After the Final Rose reunion, follow along here for live updates to see who wins Peter’s heart.

Chris Harrison teased for Heavy back in January that this “shocking, riveting, gut-wrenching ending” is “the most dramatic [ending] — I hate to say that — but it truly is in a very different way.”

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BE WARNED OF SPOILERS: This post will be updated throughout the episode, so stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

If you want to be spoiled before the episode even begins, click here to find out what the rumored ending is for the finale. But be warned of major spoilers.

The Final Rose Ceremony

Despite there being only one woman left, Peter says that things just feel “right and real” with Hannah Ann. Which means it’s time to meet Neil Lane to pick out the ring.

After choosing a beautiful pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, which you can see here, Peter gets all spiffed up and ready for the big moment. But it’s Hannah Ann who isn’t ready. She’s having doubts and Chris Harrison has to tell Peter that she might not be coming. This is the flash-forward we’ve been teased with all season and honestly, it doesn’t pack much of a punch at this point because it doesn’t seem like Hannah Ann is really going to stand him up.

Lo and behold, the drama lasts all of one commercial break and then Harrison tells Peter that she’s coming and suddenly everything’s fine. They must have really wanted a scene they could tease all season, huh?

Anyway, after building it up to sound like he didn’t pick Hannah Ann — and then sounding for just a second like he called her Madison — Peter tells her that Madison left two days ago and then he proposes. So Hannah is the “winner.” But that is probably not the whole story.

After Filming

After the show wraps, Peter goes to parents’ house in Los Angeles and they are overjoyed to hear he chose Hannah Ann. His mom cries pretty hard (tears of joy, of course) and immediately starts calling Hannah Ann her “daughter.”

Fast-forward a month and Hannah Ann comes to visit Peter in Los Angeles. He starts crying and says he loves her, but she says he’s not all in. He’s not being fully committed to this relationship. He says he’s been battling his feelings for Madison.

Hannah is pretty mad at him for taking away her first engagement. She blasts him for not being true to his word and for taking away “the most precious moment” in her life because he wasn’t “man enough” to send her home. She tells him not to worry about her because she’s strong and she’s her own rock and she will be fine. It’s quite a sendoff. Good for Hannah Ann.

Honestly, with that strong goodbye, it’s a little surprising she wasn’t in the running for next bachelorette. I wonder if she didn’t want it?

After the Final Rose

This is the first time Peter and Hannah Ann have seen each other since their breakup. She wants to know how he could have said all those thing to her if he wasn’t 100 percent committed. He says he did love her and he meant it when he said letting her walk away would be the biggest regret of his life, and he wishes he could give back that big moment to her. But she says he must not have understood the full weight of his words because she was taking it so seriously and it felt like he wasn’t. She also thinks he should have told her more about Madison leaving and the extent of his feelings before he proposed, instead of doing it on the spot.

Hannah Ann then mentions something about Peter talking to her about reaching out to Hannah Brown to get closure. When did he do that? Did he do that after they got engaged? It seems like that’s what Hannah Ann means.

Anyway, there is now some undated footage (though it is presumably from after Peter broke things off with Hannah Ann) of Chris Harrison going to see Madison in Auburn, Alabama. She says things have been so hard without Peter — she’s not eating, she’s not sleeping, she’s trying to move forward, but she can’t help the way she feels.

Harrison tells her that Peter ended his engagement and she looks stunned and asks if he’s OK. Then she admits to Harrison that she still loves Peter and Harrison tells her he (Peter, not Harrison) still loves Madison too, so this is her second chance. Madison says, “I guess we’re going to L.A.”

Cut to — Madison arrives and, based on his reaction, Peter might not actually have known she was coming. They talk and confess they still have so many feelings, but it ends on a cliffhanger. “So, what do we do?” asks Peter and we cut back to the studio.

Madison comes out and they both admit they’re in love. Harrison wants to know what’s going on with them? How is this going to end? Peter says it’s important to say that they’ve talked a little since that day Madison came to L.A. and they have a lot of healing to do. But their feelings are real and he’s not sure where they go from here.

In the studio, things take a real turn when Peter’s mom is asked to weigh in. Her disdain and contempt for Madison cannot even be described as “thinly veiled” and then she has some strong words for Madison. Basically, Peter’s family hates her. That’s essentially what it boils down to. Read more about the interaction here, but suffice it to say, Peter and Madison are going to try to work things out and it is going to be an uphill battle with his family.

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