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Getty Singer-songwriter Aubrey O'Day and then-boyfriend DJ Pauly D attend Autism Speaks "La Vie En Blue" Fashion Gala at Warner Bros. Studios on September 29, 2016 in Burbank, California.

Paul Delvecchio, aka DJ Pauly D, is taking another chance on finding love in the new season of MTV’s Double Shot at Love, which premiered on June 11. Several of he and co-star Vinny Guadagnino’s exes are featured on the second season. But one ex-girlfriend fans will not see is Aubrey O’Day, whom Delvecchio dated on-and-off between 2015 and mid-2017.

O’Day and Delvecchio met on the reality TV show Famously Single in 2015. They later appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, which aired on We TV more than a year after the couple had already called it quits. But don’t get confused by the show’s name. Delvecchio and O’Day never tied the knot.

Here’s what you need to know:

Delvecchio & O’Day Met While Filming ‘Famously Single’ & She Discussed Their Sex Life On Camera

Aubrey O'Day Is Ready to Marry Pauly D in Las Vegas | Famously Single | E!The "Famously Single" star wants to head to Sin City to get married to her man! See what Pauly D thinks of this on "Famously Single"! SUBSCRIBE: About Famously Single: Famously Single features eight single celebrities who have been infamously unlucky in love gathering under one roof to learn how to (finally) pick the…2016-07-18T22:48:46Z

Delvecchio and O’Day first crossed paths because of reality television. They were cast in the first season of Famously Single on E!, during which they lived in a house together in Los Angeles along with six other celebrities.

O’Day and Delvecchio began to fall for each other in front of the cameras. Their first kiss was captured for the show. O’Day kissed Delvecchio as he was working the turntables at a party. She later gushed about the kiss and alluded to a future with Delvecchio: “He was such a good kisser. I hope he kisses me like that at our wedding.”

O’Day was also candid about her and Delvecchio’s sex life. During the season finale of Famously Single, O’Day discussed Delvecchio’s penis piercing, sharing that the jewelry “triggers the right spots.” (Long-time Delvecchio fans have known about his piercing since the first season of Jersey Shore; you can see a clip of Delvecchio and Jenny “JWoww” Farley discussing their first romantic encounter here).

The Pair Broke Up Weeks After Sharing They Had Discussed Marriage

Aubrey O'Day Setting Unreal Expectations for Pauly D | Famously Single | E!The "Famously Single" star explains what she is looking for in a man and it's just too much for Pauly D. Check it out. SUBSCRIBE: About Famously Single: Famously Single features eight single celebrities who have been infamously unlucky in love gathering under one roof to learn how to (finally) pick the right match.…2016-07-25T18:50:58Z

Delvecchio and O’Day’s relationship continued after Famously Single wrapped filming and the couple even discussed marriage. They told E! in June 2017 that their communication skills had improved since moving in together.

O’Day said at the time, “Well, I want a ring like ASAP! I think I put enough pressure for that to be going down sooner not later. I’m looking for something serious and I’m ready to move to the next chapter in my life where I’m a wife and a mom and to experience other things than what I’ve been doing my entire career.” Delvecchio agreed with that sentiment, adding that O’Day was “the one” and that he was “looking forward to the next steps and waiting for the right moment to make all that happen.”

However, the relationship was not as rosy as they made it out to be during that interview. Just one month later, the couple announced they had separated. E! News cited a friend of Delvecchio’s who said, “Pauly is the one that broke up with Aubrey. She was pressuring him to get a ring, and he was not there yet.”

An episode of Famously Single may have foreshadowed that O’Day was more ready for marriage than Delvecchio. In the clip embedded above, O’Day talked about wanting to “move into more serious places.” Delvecchio countered that he needed more time. “You can’t put the windows in the house before you put the frame in,” Delvecchio said.

O’Day further explained that she was looking for a man who “leaps through dragons and fires to get to me and saves the princess from the tower.” Delvecchio responded that he felt the expectation was “unreasonable.”

O’Day Described the Former Relationship as ‘Torture’ & Delvecchio Denied Ever Cheating On Her

Pauly D is Ready to Leave Aubrey | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality StarsThe group is in full support of Aubrey's shocking response to Pauly D! #MarriageBootCamp Subscribe to the WE tv channel for more clips: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: WE tv Instagram: Official Site: Five celebrity couples enter Boot Camp to salvage their broken relationships, including stars from Jersey Shore…2018-09-28T21:56:14Z

Delvecchio and O’Day broke up before their season of Marriage Boot Camp debuted on television in 2018. In the premiere, the couple explained they were hoping to learn the communication skills needed in order to maintain a healthy relationship. But both also expressed skepticism about the program working, with Delvecchio noting they were both “stuck” in their own ways.

O’Day and Delvecchio lobbed cheating accusations at each other while filming Marriage Boot Camp. During a scene in which they were hooked up to a shock machine, Delvecchio accused O’Day of getting naked in front of a male friend. O’Day claimed Delvecchio had been “caught lying” about hooking up with another woman. Delvecchio has repeatedly insisted he never cheated on O’Day but would hook up with other people during the intermittent times when he and O’Day broke up.

Later in the season, O’Day explained to the rest of the cast that she regretted leaving her home and giving up her best friend for the sake of her relationship. As Delvecchio walked into the room, another cast member asked O’Day which relationship that situation occurred. O’Day responded, “That’s the one I’m in now.”

O’Day and Delvecchip broke up in 2017 but they have continued to comment about that relationship in the years since then. In September 2018, O’Day told US Weekly she “truly felt tortured” while dating Delvecchio. In July 2019, before she appeared on MTV’s Ex on the Beach, O’Day repeated the sentiment in an Instagram post: “After my last relationship with Pauly, it took so long for me to heal from the pain, anger, torture, & toxicity that I found love in with him.”

Delvecchio took issue with that characterization. He said he felt “shocked” by O’Day’s description. “That’s such a strong word to say, like she’s a bit dramatic.” Delvecchio also responded to O’Day’s remark that their relationship had rules and that she could be “punished” for breaking them. He told the magazine, “Rules of a relationship? Yeah, you can’t hook up with other guys. She calls those rules.” Delvecchio also told People magazine around that time that he felt he had “dodged a bullet.”

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