Pauly D’s Ex Aubrey O’Day Was on Ex on the Beach This Season

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Aubrey O’Day is no stranger to reality TV. With her appearance on MTV’s Ex on the Beach, the singer and online personality is starting a new chapter in her life. Before the new season began, O’Day was open about the fact that she had abstained from sex after her relationship with Jersey Shore star Pauly D. It was a time that she spoke of herself as a “virgin” again until her appearance on the new series.

When asked why the time was right to begin dating again, O’Day was candid about the timing. “EOTB was a great opportunity to still be working, but also be actively trying to find a partner in life. I want to have a baby! It’s so hard — you turn 30 and you start to think about it. Like, you start losing your egg production at 35 and all that, so I’m like, well…I want to be engaged for a year, date for a year before I’m engaged, be married for a year. You do the clock backwards and you’re like…I need to find him,” she told HollywoodLife.

O’Day Was Ready for  a Change Before the Series Started Filming

She teased the prospect of a new hookup on the MTV reality hit. The singer told TOOFAB that she was far from a virgin when Ex on the Beach was filming. “Yeah, I’ll give you a little spoiler. I did,” O’Day confirmed. In a dig at her Jersey Shore ex, she also dropped an extra piece of information about her encounter this season. “…it was way bigger than Pauly’s,” she said.

For her part, O’Day was eager to get into a free lifestyle and mentality for the series. She told US Weekly how she went from being skeptical of becoming a part of Ex on the Beach‘s most talked-about segments. “Three days in everybody was making out in the hot tub playing truth or dare and I was like, ‘This is so tacky I just could never.’ Then I stopped and I had this epiphany and I was like, ‘When did I get old and not fun and like, judgmental?’ Then I stopped and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to really just enjoy this experience. I’m going to let go of the judgments that I have and truly allow myself to just be free.’ That’s when it really got good,” O’Day said.

She’s Not Afraid to Talk About Past Relationships

O’Day has been open with fans on social media about her side of what happened with Pauly D. On Instagram, she addressed the reason why the past relationship was the cause for a retreat from sex. “After my last relationship with Pauly, it took so long for me to heal from the pain, anger, torture, & toxicity that I found love in with him. I’m so happy for you guys to watch the journey of an ‘older gal’ find her younger self and maybe some new dick too ;),” she wrote on a post related to Ex on the Beach‘s premiere.

The pair met in 2015 and began a tumultuous relationship. In a last attempt to salvage what was left of the couple, they went to VH1 for help. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars was a chance for Pauly D and O’Day to get to the heart of their problems. Unfortunately, the “toxicity” was too much for O’Day, ending any hopes of a reunion.

O’Day has  not been quiet about her past relationship with Donald Trump Jr. Before Ex on the Beach premiered, the early clips already revealed that she was eager to talk about the subject. “Don Trump Jr. is an ex — he’s my soulmate,” she said on the series. The singer compared the relationship to what she had with Pauly D. In the conversations that followed, she dropped hints that they were very different.

The reality star continues to taunt her past hookups online. In a recent tweet, she told followers that “real men are rocks. steady, solid, consistent, and never operate in the negatives.” The singer didn’t confirm whether the statement was for both Trump Jr and Pauly D or directed at just one of them.


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