Olivia Flowers Comments on Austen Kroll’s ‘New Girlfriend’

Taylor Ann Green, Olivia Flowers and Leva Bonaparte

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On November 30, Olivia Flowers let slip in an interview that her ex, “Southern Charm” star Austen Kroll, is in a new relationship.

Flowers was unpacking the 9th season of “Southern Charm” and the tricky cast dynamics with Nick Viall on his podcast “The Viall Files” when she mentioned that she’d recently spent time with Kroll and his “new girlfriend.”

The podcast host asked Flowers when she last spoke with Kroll and she shared, “We have mutual friends that have this sick place in the Bahamas and he and I both got them in the divorce. So they invited us both on this trip with like a group of people. And we both went. I took the guy I’m seeing and he took his new girlfriend and we were able to put our bulls*** aside.”

“We’re around these adults and people who don’t give a s*** about the ‘Charm’ drama so we were in the Bahamas together. This was 2 weeks ago,” she added. She also told Viall that she feels completely moved on from Kroll although she still has a “soft spot for the friendship.”

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Olivia Flowers Confirmed That She Got Into a Screaming Match With Austen Kroll at BravoCon 2023

Although Flowers and Kroll and their new partners got along well in the Bahamas, she revealed that just a few days prior to the trip she had a blowout fight with him at BravoCon 2023.

Flowers was asked about rumors of a yelling match between the co-stars and she confirmed that it happened. She shared that she didn’t like one of Kroll’s responses in a panel and called him out as the audience reacted. “So anyway, we get offstage and I’m walking by him and I see him looking at me and he was like ‘F*** you Olivia. F*** you!'” she recalled. “He just got so mad.”

“Because it’s like, he gets himself in these situations, people react and have an opinion,” she explained, “But he needs someone to blame for it and so because I initiated a conversation that had other people booing him, it’s my fault.”

Flowers said she got so annoyed with him yelling at her after the panel that she threw her bag of peanuts at him. “That’s how mad I was, I just threw away my snack on his face,” she said. “And people were like separating us and we were just screaming at each other. And then went to the Bahamas 4 days later.”

Olivia Flowers Spoke About the Person She’s Dating Now & Said He Didn’t Know Anything About the Show

During the same podcast appearance, Flowers said the guy she’s dating is called Alex and he’s from Dallas, Texas. She said she met him at a wedding, and he was the usher.

The reality star said her new man is in finance and didn’t know anything about “Southern Charm” before they began dating. “It was fun introducing it to him,” she spilled.

Flowers also said that there haven’t been any issues between Kroll and Alex, and she joked that she even had to tell her partner that he didn’t have to be “besties” with Kroll. She said when some of the group returned from a golf outing, Kroll and Alex were sharing a cart and laughing together.

Flowers’ revelation came after the 11th episode of “Southern Charm” season 9 aired showing Kroll confessing that he was still in love with his ex. He said he wanted to reconnect with Flowers and told his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy that he felt he should have “ended up” with Flowers and it was “always about her.”

As for Flowers, she confessed in an interview in the episode that she felt Kroll to be a bit manipulative and confusing to be around so she was still navigating their friendship.

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