Craig Conover Addresses His Hangout With Naomie Olindo’s Ex

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Craig Conover has set the record straight after a photo of him hanging out with Metul Shah began circulating, prompting some fans to accuse him of trying to under his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo’s skin.

The “Southern Charm” star spoke about the photo in the July 11 episode of his podcast, “Pillows and Beer,” telling his co-host Austen Kroll that he spent the Fourth of July weekend going on a boat with a group of his friends from outside his circle of reality TV friends.

“I guess me taking a picture with Metul became a big deal,” Conover began. He explained that it was the birthday of one of his friends and Shah is also friends with the same person. “We exchanged pleasantries cause obviously it’d be weird not to,” he said of his interaction with Shah, who dated Naomie Olindo after her breakup from Conover. Shah and Olindo split in July 2021.

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Craig Conover Explained That He Couldn’t Walk Somewhere Else for the Photo as It Would Have Been ‘Weird’

Conover explained that after making a bit of small talk with Shah, it seemed like the end of the situation until one of the people there decided to get a group photo for Conover’s friend’s birthday. “And [Metul and I] happened to be standing next to each other so it would have been really weird for me to be like ‘Actually, let me like walk over here,'” he recounted.

Conover said he’d understand the criticism from fans if he was the one who posted the picture but said it wasn’t the case. “Some random person posted a picture and him and I happened to be standing next to each other,” he argued. “I just thought it was a little silly that people were digging into it.”

The “Southern Charm” star said his girlfriend Paige DeSorbo was the one who told him that people were saying he was “trying to start drama” with his ex Olindo with the photo of him and Shah.

Craig Conover Had ‘Southern Charm’ Fans Talking After He Was Seen Standing Next to Metul Shah in a Photo

Some fans commented on the photo of Shah standing next to Conover after it began circulating and a few accused Conover of going “out of his way” to hurt Olindo.

Viewers saw Conover and Olindo attempt to navigate their friendship together in season 8 of “Southern Charm” as Olindo returned to Charleston single following her split from Shah. Olindo and Conover admitted to hooking up after her breakup as Conover was also single, though he was starting to see Paige DeSorbo at the time. Nothing came of the exes’ hookup as Conover and DeSorbo began dating exclusively soon after that.

Olindo and Conover’s ups and downs as a couple were a main storyline during seasons 3 and 4 of “Southern Charm” but they eventually called it quits after the relationship became too strained. By the 6th season of the show, Olindo was dating Shah, and she left “Southern Charm” before the 7th season to relocate to New York City with him. However, she claimed upon her return for season 8 that she learned Shah was cheating on her just after moving to the Big Apple.

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