Jax Taylor Says VPR Star ‘Abandoned’ Brittany Cartwright

Jax Taylor and the cast of "Vanderpump Rules" season 11.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Jax Taylor and the cast of "Vanderpump Rules" season 11.

“Vanderpump Rules” personality Jax Taylor is sharing his thoughts about Katie Maloney’s dynamic with his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright.

While filming the April 23 episode of the “Vanderpump Rules After Show,” alongside Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, Taylor referenced that he had an intense interaction with Maloney in “Vanderpump Rules” season 11, episode 13, filmed in the summer of 2023. During the argument, Taylor stated he took issue with Maloney for repeating a rumor that he was unfaithful to Cartwright. The father of one denied the claim.

During the “Vanderpump Rules After Show” episode, Taylor stated that he was unhappy with Maloney for another reason. He said he did not appreciate that Maloney ended her friendship with Cartwright after she and Taylor revealed they would not be attending Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark’s 2022 Italian wedding ceremony, without giving much notice.

“My wife is always trying to rack her brain. ‘Why is Katie mad at me?’ For her, not to respond to her texts or messages, it hurt her,” said Taylor. “[Maloney] was a big part of [Cartwright’s] life. And the fact that she just abandoned her after the fact that we didn’t go to Stassi and Beau’s wedding — that you just wrote her off, that bothers me.”

He also said he did not know why Maloney was upset about the situation.

“You have no part of that situation. So you’re mad just to be mad? Or just because you are up Stassi’s [expletive],” said “The Valley” star.

Schwartz interjected that “the reason they were so pissed is ’cause that you cancelled last second.”

Katie Maloney Shared Why She Was Upset With Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright

In a separate interview for the same April 2024 “Vanderpump Rules After Show” episode, Maloney shared why she was upset with Taylor and Cartwright, who are currently separated.

Maloney said that “the morning” before Schroeder’s wedding guests were leaving for Italy, “Brittany sends a message saying, ‘Oh my god, we’re not going to be able to make it. We didn’t get the passport in time.'” Maloney also said Taylor told individuals close to Schroeder and Clark that he planned on going to a golf tournament instead of the wedding.

“It was just like very kind of rude the way he was just speaking so freely to other people, not thinking that it would get back to either of them,” said Maloney. “I just feel like it was so many lies. And I don’t like lies.”

She added that the couple’s alleged dishonesty caused her to step away from Cartwright. She also stated that she did not appreciate how Taylor had acted toward her throughout the years.

In the “Vanderpump Rules After Show” episode, Taylor stated he and his estranged wife were unable to attend the wedding because they had difficulty securing a passport for their son, Cruz. In addition, he said Cartwright’s mother was unable to watch the 3-year-old while they were in Italy.

Jax Taylor Discussed His Relationship With Stassi Schroeder

During a March 2024 episode of “Bravo’s Hot Mic” podcast alongside Cartwright, Taylor suggested that he regretted how his friendship with Schroeder and Clark ended. As fans are aware, Schroeder and Taylor were in a relationship until “Vanderpump Rules” season 2.

“I’ve reached out a few times and it sucks the way it all went down. Yeah, I handled it wrong. You know, I don’t think a relationship should end over something like this,” Taylor said.

Cartwright said she and Schroeder have had some contact with each other after their falling out.

“I would love for us to be close friends again. When we see each other, we talk, we hug, we do all that stuff,” said the mother of one.

Brittany Cartwright Spoke About Stassi Schroeder’s Comments Regarding ‘The Valley’

In a January 2024 interview on “Jeff Lewis Live,” Schroeder discussed Cartwright and Taylor’s new Bravo show, “The Valley.” The mother of two said she declined to film a sizzle reel for the spin-off series. She explained she did not feel like starring on the show would be authentic to her life.

Cartwright told Heavy in January 2024 that she was not upset by Schroeder’s comments.

“She doesn’t really know what our life is like,” said Cartwright. “And I don’t really know what her life is like, so that was the only part where I was kind of like, she doesn’t know what I do all the time. I’m like I am literally a mom 24/7.”