Malia White Sounds Off on Captain Lee Rosbach & Captain Sandy Yawn Differences

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Bravo/Heavy Captain Sandy, Malia White and Captain Lee

Captain Sandy Yawn has gotten a lot of criticism from some “Below Deck Mediterranean” fans over the years, especially following her firing of Hannah Ferrier in season 5 of the Bravo show.

While chatting with fans during a live episode of her podcast “Total Ship Show,” Malia White came to Yawn’s defense and said she thinks Captain Lee Rosbach gets away with more than Yawn does. White, who was joined by her co-star Katie Flood, credited Yawn for being the person who made her want to stay in the yachting industry.

“I think that Captain Sandy gets a lot of s**t, that’s unfair,” White then said. “Um, like Lee, Captain Lee can do whatever, he can say whatever…” she added, as Flood piped in, “He gets away with way more than Captain Sandy does.”

White said that “as soon as Captain Sandy pulls the same big d*** energy, she gets a lot of s***, which I don’t stand for because women as captains and women as anything in a leadership role have the same right to be as direct.” White concluded that Yawn is a good captain and has the same qualification and experience as Rosbach and she deserves to be treated the same.

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‘Below Deck’ Star Fraser Olender Recently Compared the Two Captains as Well Since He’s Worked With Both

White isn’t the first “Below Deck” star to comment on the differences between Yawn and Rosbach as “Below Deck” chief stew Fraser Olender also shared his impressions. Olender is one of very few stars of the franchise who’s worked with both captains as Yawn replaced Rosbach for part of season 10.

The season 10 chief stew told Us Weekly that the two captains have really different management styles so it was difficult to adjust to that, especially as it was his first time working for either as a chief stew. He explained that he already knew how Rosbach worked and his expectations as a captain and in return, Rosbach already had faith and trust in Olender.

That’s why the Bravo star said it took a while for him to get used to Captain Sandy’s different style and the two often clashed in the first few episodes working together. Despite that, he praised Yawn for the lessons he learned about himself while he was there and said, “She really opened my eyes to things I previously wouldn’t have dealt with so well, without her making sure I did.”

Aesha Scott Compared Both Captains & Said Captain Sandy Yawn Is a Lot More Hands-On

Aesha Scott, who appeared on “Below Deck Med” with Yawn and “Below Deck Down Under,” addressed the differences between the captains while on “Behind the Velvet Rope.”

She first joked that Rosbach was probably devastated at getting replaced by Yawn because she thinks he’s “such an old-school salty sea dog.” She joked, “I think the fact that a younger woman captain is coming in to take over I just feel like that would have crushed his ego.”

Scott shared that Rosbach is the type of captain who spends a lot of his time in the wheelhouse whereas Yawn is very involved and always gets into the work with the departments. She shared that sometimes, crew members won’t like working with a captain like that because they don’t like direct supervision. However, she acknowledged that if Yawn is criticizing the work, it’s likely because it wasn’t done well in the first place.

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