Scheana Shay Explains Why She Went Off on Tom Sandoval at BravoCon

Scheana Shay and Tom Sandoval.

NBCUniversal Scheana Shay and Tom Sandoval.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Shay revealed she and her castmate, Tom Sandoval, had several heated conversations during BravoCon 2023, held during the weekend of November 3.

While recording the November 10 episode of her podcast, “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay,” alongside her guest “Below Deck Down Under” star Captain Jason Chambers, Shay said she decided to confront Sandoval at BravoCon 2023 for a comment he made about his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix. As fans are aware, Sandoval cheated on Madix with his former castmate, Rachel “Raquel” Leviss.

“That night Ariana was really upset about something she heard he said about her in press on the carpet. About her supposedly yanking off his lightning bolt necklace and pulling out his inner ears,” said Shay on her podcast. “Right when I saw how upset she was, I was like, ‘Oh I’m going to say something.’ And I go out of our dressing room. And I pull him aside. I’m like, ‘Dude what the f***. Why are you still saying stuff?’ And I was going off on him. Then I go back in the room. And [Madix] was like, ‘Did you say something.’ And I was like ‘Yes I did.'”

Shay suggested that Sandoval was not receptive to her remarks.

“I’m just like, ‘Tom also your side just doesn’t even matter anymore so just, like, stop. Stop trying to defend it. And double down. Stop talking about her. Move on,'” said Shay.

The “Good as Gold” singer stated that her conversation with Sandoval continued while they were in a car together following the 2023 Bravo Awards. According to Shay, she instructed Sandoval to stop making remarks about Madix to the press.

“I’m just like ‘Tom, I’m trying to explain to you why you need to stop talking about her in the press. Let her heal. Let her move on and thrive. And just, like, stop. You know talk about your band and other s*** you have going on for yourself. Just, like, leave her alone,'” said Shay.

Scheana Shay Mentioned Attending a Party in Tom Sandoval’s Room

During the November 10 “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay” episode, Shay mentioned that she went to a BravoCon after-party without realizing it was being held in Sandoval’s hotel room. According to Shay, she continued her conversation with Sandoval regarding his remarks about Madix.

“There was even a moment when I was there before I left where I was like, ‘Again I just want to emphasize stop talking about Ariana,'” said Shay.

Shay also seemed to reference that she received backlash from fans for spending time in Sandoval’s hotel room during BravoCon 2023.

“Just because I’m seen with him, it doesn’t mean that everything’s just fine and dandy. We have a whole season we’ve filmed. A lot of conversations. And there’s a lot that the fans haven’t seen. But I will give him a piece of my mind. So I was just trying to do that [at BravoCon],” said Shay.

Madix and her castmate Katie Maloney shared their thoughts about Shay’s visit to Sandoval’s hotel room in a November 4 interview with Us Weekly. Maloney stated that she did not understand Shay’s behavior. Madix agreed with Maloney and stated that she believed the situation was “weird.”

While speaking to Access Hollywood after BravoCon 2023, Madix suggested she is still in a good place with Shay, despite her visit to Sandoval’s suite. She stated that they have spoken since the Las Vegas fan convention.

“We’re good,” said Madix with a smile.

Tom Sandoval Discussed Being Booed at BravoCon

Sandoval and Madix had brief interactions during the 2023 BravoCon. For instance, the former couple appeared on stage together during the “Vanderpump Rules” panel, where Sandoval was repeatedly booed by audience members. Following the November 2 panel, Sandoval spoke to Us Weekly, alongside his castmate Tom Schwartz, about the less-than-welcoming reception he received from fans. He stated that the panel “went kind of how [he] expected it to go.”

Sandoval also said the near-constant booing gave him “a little dose of reality.”

“Keeps you grounded,” added Sandoval.

In addition, Sandoval suggested that he had considered not coming back to “Vanderpump Rules” following his cheating scandal. The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extra singer explained he remained on the cast to push himself.

“When I get to times where I find life really hard to deal with, I think it’s good to challenge yourself. Do what’s hard,” said Sandoval.

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