Tom Sandoval’s Ex Assistant Ann Takes on Surprising New Job

Ann Maddox Tom Sandoval

Peacock Ann Maddox and Tom Sandoval.

Ann Maddox has a new role months after her employment was terminated as Tom Sandoval’s assistant.

The unexpected “Vanderpump Rules”  newcomer worked as Sandoval’s assistant for several years, but fans didn’t meet her until season 11. And while one of her duties included serving as a mediator for Sandoval and his ex, Ariana Madix, Ann is now taking direction from Ariana and her business partner Katie Maloney.

In Peacock’s extended version of the season 11 episode “Line In The Sand,” it was revealed that Ann was hired to work for the duo’s upcoming sandwich shop, Something About Her. According to, Ariana teased that Ann would be helping out “with some sandwich shop stuff.”

“Ann needs a job, and we need to hire someone,” Maloney added. “She’s got to look out for herself. Tom Sandoval is not her main priority.”

It is unclear what Ann’s role at Something About Her Will be. In August 2023, around the same time that “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 was filming, the sandwich shop owners  posted  a job ad looking for “front of house staff.”

The West Hollywood sandwich shop has yet to open amid a series of setbacks.

Ann Maddox Wanted to Be Ariana Madix’s Assistant

Ariana Madix

PeacockAriana Madix talks to Ann maddox.

In the first few episodes of “Vanderpump Rules” season 11, viewers saw Ann set up a party, clean up after Sandoval and his friends, and serve as a go-between with his ex, Ariana.

In the episode “Kiss Kiss, Revenge Bang,” Ariana said she was looking for an assistant and Ann begged to be considered. “Ariana, can I be in the running, please?… I want to work for you so bad!” she said.

When Sandoval overheard the two talking about the situation, he became upset and told Ann not to come to work.

There were rumors that Ann was hired to be Ariana’s assistant. But during a March 2024 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Ariana set the record straight. “No, I don’t have an assistant, but there will be some developments,” she teased.

Ann Maddox Teased a New Job in an Interview

Ann Maddox

PeacockAnn Maddox.

Ann Maddox hasn’t shared any details on her job at Something About Her. In an April 2024 interview with The Daily Dish, she revealed that she’s “currently at a temp job,” but will start at a “new” job sometime this summer.

“I am very excited about it, I can’t quite share with you what that is yet, but keep watching the show to find out!” she teased.

She also explained why she approached Ariana for the assistant job before quitting as Sandoval’s aide. “Is it that weird to want to find a new job before leaving your old job? I thought this was normal,” she said.

Ann gained a fan following her debut on “Vanderpump Rules.”  She even launched a podcast, titled “We Signed an NDA,” with co-host Amanda Lifford.

“In season 11, for the first time, I have a role of being in front [of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cameras] just because of my job,” she said on the premiere episode of the podcast. “And the only way I could describe it or put context to it is [it’s like] being in the most complicated improv scene in the world. But the improv scene is also your real life. My mind is still grasping it. I’m still trying to put context to it. Such a brand new way of being in my world.”

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