Fans Overjoyed After Hallmark Couple Announces Pregnancy

Hallmark star is pregnant

Heavy Hallmark star is pregnant

A Hallmark couple shared big news with their fans. Stars Alvina August and Marco Grazzini are expecting a baby. August shared a photo of her pregnancy ultrasound, and fans flooded the two stars with notes of congratulations.

The Stars’ Baby Is Due in August 2023

Alvina August in "Deliver by Christmas"

HallmarkAlvina August in “Deliver by Christmas”

According to August’s post, their baby is due in August 2023.

August is known for Hallmark’s “Deliver by Christmas” in 2020, which she starred in opposite Eion Bailey, and “A Second Chance at Love” in 2022, opposite Gloria Reuben, Eriq La Salle, and Jarod Joseph. She was also in three movies from the “Hailey Dean Mysteries” franchise.

Grazzini’s newest Hallmark movie is premiering later this month: “Hearts in the Game,” in which he stars opposite Erin Cahill. He also starred in “Right in Front of Me” opposite Janel Parrish in 2021, “The Story of Us” with Maggie Lawson and Sam Page, and more.

August shared a photo showing her with three sonograms, and a closeup showing the baby’s hand. Grazzini was tagged in the pictures.

She then shared a reel of her dancing and thanked everyone for their support, writing: “Thank you all for the overwhelming show of love for our little llama. Yes, baby is doing well. As for me, my skin’s dry, bladder won’t let me be great & I’m down to my last pair of stretchy waist pants but my hair is long & that nausea🤢 is gone!!!!!! 👍🏽😏”

Grazzini replied, “Baby will get dancing genes from you at least😂.”

As it turns out, Grazzini had been hinting about this news before. On March 2 he posted a photo and wrote, “Some things in the oven.” And August replied, “Twins maybe?😂”

He answered, “don’t you start too😂.”

While some fans thought he was referring to “Virgin River,” a show he stars in, the Hallmark Heartbeats podcast guessed correctly, writing: “Is @alvinaaugust pregnant? If so congrats.”

Friends & Fans Flooded the Couple with Well Wishes

Marco Grazzini in his upcoming movie, "Hearts in the Game."

HallmarkMarco Grazzini in his upcoming movie, “Hearts in the Game.”

Friends and fans were overjoyed to learn the couple’s happy news.

Fellow Hallmark star Andrew Walker quickly wrote, “👏 Congrats!!”

Tia Cordero wrote: “Yesss!!! This just made my day! Congrats Marco and Alvina! We can officially welcome you to TEAM NO SLEEP! 🧟‍♀️ @themarcograzzini ❤️”

August replied: “I’m there already w/ this bladder. Can’t wait for Marco to join us😂.”

Ashley Ross wrote, “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Congratulation you two @themarcograzzini ❤️❤️❤️❤️!! And I’m August! Of course!!!!”

Francine Campbell wrote, “I’m a big Marco fan. Congratulations, this will be the most amazing journey of your lives. Enjoy every minute and know what a miracle you will be experiencing. God’s blessings.”

Grazzini hopped into the thread and replied, “thank you❤️.”

Judith-Lynn Frames wrote, “I’m watching “A Second chance at love” at this very moment. Love this movie 🎥. I watch it all the time. I’m so excited for you! Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️”

The two stars have been busy outside of their Hallmark careers. Grazzini plays a lead character, Mike, in Netflix’s “Virgin River.” He’s starred in 25 episodes so far.

This year, August has been in four episodes of “Animal Control” so far, along with four episodes in “Lucky Hank” opposite Bob Odenkirk.

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