How Many Episodes of ‘Chesapeake Shores’ Are Left?

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Back in June it was announced that Chesapeake Shores’ final season was going to begin on August 14, fans of the show were excited but also sad to see that the last season was on their doorsteps. So when is the series officially coming to a close? We’ve got details on how many episodes of “Chesapeake Shores” are left.

The Final Season is 10 Episodes Long

This sixth season of “Chesapeake Shores” has 10 episodes, and the finale will air on October 16. This means that there are only two episodes left as of the time this article was published.

The final episode is titled “All or Nothing at All.” You can read a synopsis on Hallmark’s press site here, but be cautious as it will likely contain spoilers. So read at your own risk!

IMDb also reveals the synopsis of the finale, so tread carefully on the web until October 16 if you want to avoid any spoilers of any kind!

Laurie Ferneau, SVP Programming, Series, at Hallmark Channel, told Deadline when they announced the news about the cancelation: “With a top-notch ensemble cast and creative team, ‘Chesapeake Shores’ has shared stories that are relatable, poignant and unforgettable. We look forward to honoring the journey viewers have been on with the O’Briens with one final, special season.”

When people on Twitter asked why the network decided to cancel “Chesapeake Shores,” Hallmark’s official Twitter account had a response.

The channel wrote on Twitter, “We are so proud of Chesapeake Shores, a show that has captured imaginations and was reaching a natural conclusion, and we decided to wrap up the show on a high note in the sixth and final season, which premieres later this summer.”

Fans weren’t happy with the answer.

For example, Dalynne Grover replied, “This is the same response we got when you cancelled Good Witch, except Chesapeake Shores actually gets to have a natural conclusion. Please give the same courtesy to #GoodWitch #Goodies we deserve at least a Halloween movie, so Abigail and Donovan can have a happy ending.”

Unfortunately, it looks like Jesse Metcalfe won’t be returning before the show ends. Metcalfe had previously shared that it was his decision to leave the series, in part because he didn’t like the direction his story was going.

Fans Are Loving the Season So Far

Chessies on the Twitterverse have been eagerly talking about their experience with this final season, sharing stories, pictures, and their favorite moments of episodes through tweets.


But what are the actors and crew saying?

On the night of the shows, Chessies are invited to tweet with some of the actors and crew using #Chessies. If you’re lucky enough, you might get a reply!

Writer Mark Jordan Legan shared this tweet about the show trending.

Actress Meghan Ory reminded her fans that the show was over in this Instagram post.


Are you curious about where “Chesapeake Shores” was filmed? Find out here and see if you have visited any of those locations before. Maybe you’ll find out that you were practically walking in the footsteps of your favorite character by accident!

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