‘Chesapeake Shores’ Cast Reacts to Cancelation News

Chesapeake Shores season 6

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Chessies fans were hit hard by the news that “Chesapeake Shores” has been canceled. The series will air its sixth and final season on The Hallmark Channel this summer. Here’s how the cast has reacted so far.

The Cast Members Are Sharing Their Thoughts on Social Media

Barbara Niven shared the news on Twitter and wrote, “It’s so hard to say goodbye, but thank you for sharing the journey. We could not have done this without you. It has been a perfect circle of love between all of us who worked on the show and all of you who watched and shared it with us.”

Sherryl Woods, who wrote the books upon which the series is based, tweeted: “#Chessies, it’s official! Season 6 is filming its final season. What a bittersweet moment! We love you for your loyalty! … See you at the shore!!!”

Emilie Ullerup shared her tweet and wrote, “🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️ thank you for your books @sherryl703 #ChesapeakeShores #theEnd.”

Treat Williams wrote, “On Vancouver Island shooting our sixth and final season of Chesapeake Shores @hallmarkchannel. I love this cast and hope you will join us this year. It will be special.”

The Showrunner Retweeted a Message that the Renewal Announcement Was Delayed Because of Cancelation Decisions

Phoef Sutton, showrunner for “Chesapeake Shores,” retweeted a message from a fan that reads, “Should read… ‘We finally decided to announce…’ Many speculated the reason for the delay was because it was going to be the final season… and so it is.”


The showrunner hadn’t tweeted any other messages about the news as of the time of this article’s publication. Treat Williams retweeted the same message.

The Author Is Still Writing Books in the Series

The author is still writing books in the series, even though the television series is coming to an end.

She tweeted after the announcement: “Getting to hang out with the O’Briens has been one of the joys of my career! Trust me, #Chessies, these women rock!!! I can’t wait to see what @phoefsutton and @MJLegan have in store for this season. I’m counting on an epic finale for our family!”

She’s also the author of “Sweet Magnolias,” which has been a big hit on Netflix.

As for “Chesapeake Shores,” she’s written 14 books in the series so far, according to her website. She’s also published four volumes in her “Chesapeake Shores” collection.

Quite a few fans have said they simply aren’t ready to say goodbye yet to the series.

One fan wrote, “Don’t think I’m ready just yet to say goodbye to the show that made me feel like I was apart of something special when my own life was at its worse. #ChesapeakeShores will forever by comfort show and bree will forever be my favourite badass queen !! @EmilieUllerup #Chessies.”

Another fan wrote, “How am I going to say goodbye to you, Bree Elizabeth O’Brien? It will be hard, for sure. Thank you @EmilieUllerup for portraying her so well.
@phoefsutton @MJLegan Please give her the best ending you can. #ChesapeakeShores #Chessies @hallmarkchannel @SCHeartHome @DPaulsonProds.”

Some fans are asking for Jesse Metcalfe to return as Trace for the final season.

Metcalfe said in an interview with The List that he would only return to “Chesapeake Shores” if he knew that Trace and Abby would ultimately end up together.

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