HGTV Fans Swoon Over Shirtless Ben Napier: ‘Sexy Santa’

Ben Napier

Heavy/HGTV/Discovery+ Ben Napier of HGTV's "Home Town"

Fans of HGTV‘s Ben Napier just got an early Christmas gift. On August 28, 2023, Erin Napier, shared a photo of her recently slimmed-down husband Ben, inexplicably standing in the summer heat wearing a Santa Claus hat and a matching, unbuttoned robe — but no shirt.

“A no context situation,” she captioned the photo, with no further explanation.

Given that Ben’s notorious for his love of all things Christmas, fans were not shocked to see him wearing a Santa suit — but his trim physique and sultry gaze got tongues wagging. And anyone who dared to throw shade at the “sexy Santa,” as one fan called him, was met with an army of defenders including Erin herself.

Fans React to Ben Napier’s Summer Santa Outfit

As soon as Erin posted the photo of her husband (and “Home Town” co-star), fans were eager to know why he was wearing a Santa suit in late August.

He shared her post in his Instagram Stories and wrote, “You’ll see it on @hgtv soon enough”

Many fans couldn’t help but notice that Ben, who told People in 2021 that one of his “life goals” is to play Santa in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, looked considerably trimmer than the last time he donned Santa gear, in their 2022 Christmas movie for Discovery+.

The woodworker changed his diet and exercise ahead of his March 2023 shoulder surgery; Erin revealed just beforehand that he’d lost 65 pounds. So it makes sense the Santa suit is a little loose lately.

One impressed fan wrote, “Looks like he is posing for a Men of the North Pole calendar 🎅🏻”

Another commented, “Wow Santa, you really committed to the weight loss!! Good for you and your girls!!!”

Someone quipped, “Santa has gone all sexy on us!”

Fans also offered up new nicknames for Ben, including “Sexy Santa,” “Skinny Santa,” and “Hot Santa.”

This is not the first time fans have swooned over a shirtless shot of Ben. In early March, social media users were abuzz when Erin posted a photo of Ben bending over, showing his back, as he built art easels for her and their young daughters.

The photo attracted hundreds of comments from swooning fans, including one who wrote, “Ben is putting the hubba hubba in hubby!”

Napiers Slam Fake Ads Claiming They’re Promoting Weight Loss Supplements

Erin has periodically showcased and celebrated her husband’s efforts to lose weight in Instagram posts, clearly proud of the work he’s put in to get healthy.

So they were both irritated this summer when a scam began popping up all over the internet, featuring a photo of the couple, supposedly promoting weight loss supplements. On August 3, Erin posted the photo on Instagram and warned fans of the fake ad.

She wrote, “If you’ve been seeing this pic of popping up EVERYWHERE this week like we have, claiming he’s peddling some sort of keto supplements, it is fake and you can help us by reporting it to facebook or wherever— every time you see it. And certainly don’t give them your money! #thefakestnews”

Celebrity photographer Andy Barron quipped, “wait so i shouldn’t believe everything i read on the internet? ugh okay”

Someone else mocked the ads, writing, “65 pounds in 2 months!!! Dang! 😆😆😆”

Erin responded, “right?! lawd have mercy!”