Keith Bynum Says He & Evan Thomas Are Working on a ‘Dream’ Project

Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum

HGTV / YouTube Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum

HGTV stars Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are known for buying run-down Detroit homes and reviving them with artistic renovations in their show “Bargain Block”, but would the pair ever build a home from scratch?

Bynum held a Q&A in his Instagram story on December 1, and answered one fan who asked “Any plans to design and build new construction homes?”

“We are working on some new construction things,” Bynum said of himself and Thomas, “It’s been a dream of ours for a long time to work in new construction. So we’re getting there, stay tuned, should be fun.”

Keith Bynum Answers Fan Questions

Besides the new construction tease, the HGTV star responded to multiple fan questions during the Q&A, which he filmed in his car.

One fan asked, “Would you ever go to another state to do a renovation for a client?”, and Bynum confirmed that he “Definitely would consider going to another state, depends on the state, but yeah that might be fun.”

Another user asked for some of his design expertise, writing “What would you suggest a rookie start with when designing a space, rug? Art?”

Bynum said he liked this question, and let the user know, “I think one of my favorite ways to do it is to start with a piece of art that speaks to me, or something that I love that I’ve had, and then start to build out the room around that.” Bynum added that he’s done this many times on “Bargain Block”. “I think that’s a really great piece of advice for putting a room together: base it on something you love.”

Another user asked for Bynum’s thoughts on how to relax, writing, “As a creative person, do you struggle to ‘turn off’ your creativity to relax?” Bynum shared, “I have learned to temper the creative juices a bit. I do find that if I am very, very stressed it helps a lot to do art, and I find that most of my art seems to be better when I am working through some stress. So that’s been helpful for me.”

Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas

Bynum recently shared some art that he made while working through the stress of filming season 5 of “Rock the Block”, which is set to air on HGTV in March 2024. Bynum gave fans a look at his “Buddha” painting in a November 16 Instagram post, writing, “My happy place lately has been making art! I’m ready to go home!!”

Luckily for Bynum, “Rock the Block” filming wrapped just in time for Thanksgiving, and Bynum and Thomas were able to get away from all of their construction and design work and spend some quality time together.

“Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Taking a much needed break from work. Love to you all!!” Bynum captioned a November 23 Instagram post that included photos of himself, Thomas, and their dog Belle out on the beach by Lake Michigan. The “Bargain Block” couple shared the news that they had bought a second home in Northern Michigan in August 2023.

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