Danielle Cabral Reacts to Caroline Manzo’s Comments About Her RHONJ Casting

Danielle Cabral and Caroline Manzo.

Getty Danielle Cabral and Caroline Manzo.

Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Cabral commented on remarks Caroline Manzo, who left the Bravo franchise in 2013, made about her in a September 2023 interview with The U.S. Sun.

During the interview, Cabral shared her thoughts about her step-aunt stating that their connection helped the 38-year-old get cast as an RHONJ season 13 star during an August 2023 appearance on Jeff Lewis’ radio program, “Jeff Lewis Live.”

“I’m one of the reasons Danielle’s on that show. [Bravo producer] Andy [Cohen] had a conversation with me about her when they were considering her [for RHONJ season 13],” said Manzo in the “Jeff Lewis Live” interview.

Manzo also stated that Cabral no longer follows her on social media. She clarified that she is happy that Cabral is an RHONJ star, as “she always wanted to be in the public eye.”

While speaking to The U.S. Sun, Cabral suggested she believes Manzo was not being truthful on “Jeff Lewis Live.”

“I know the immense amount of work that I’ve put in and the struggles and the heartache. And my husband [Nate Cabral] knows the times I would cry and it’s not Housewives related, it’s success related,” said the 38-year-old. “So for anybody that knows me … I really put in the work and for anybody to take it away from me, [it’s] kind of sucky. But I just know. It’s okay for me in my heart to know the truth.” 

Cabral went on to say, “There’s nobody in the world that can take any of my success away from me.”

“I’ve earned everything I’ve gotten myself,” asserted the mother of two. 

Danielle Cabral Discussed Returning to RHONJ 

Cabral discussed her return to the Bravo series for the show’s upcoming 14th season, which does not yet have a premiere date, while speaking to The U.S. Sun. The business owner gave some information about how she felt filming her second RHONJ season. 

“I think I have a place in the group this season, so it just makes sense for me to have more of an opinion and a place and a history. And so yeah, last season I was like, ‘Hi, nice to meet you,’ and this season it’s a little bit smarter,” stated Cabral. 

Us Weekly reported that Cabral and Jennifer Aydin were involved in “an argument that turned physical,” causing the castmates to be “suspended from filming RHONJ season 14.” During a September 2023 interview with Us Weekly, RHONJ star Margaret Josephs gave her thoughts on the matter. The fashion designer asserted that the situation was “unacceptable.” 

“It’s gone too far, and I think it’s not necessary. We’re all grown adults. It’s not of the climate, it’s not acceptable. We’re all grown women. Everyone has to be able to control themselves. We’ve evolved out of that,” said Josephs. 

Margaret Josephs Spoke About Her Relationship With Jackie Goldschneider

While speaking to Us Weekly, Josephs referenced that she and her castmate Jackie Goldschneider are not as close as they previously have been. The RHONJ personality clarified, however, that she was proud of Goldschneider for the September 2023 release of her memoir, “The Weight of Beauty.” 

“I do love Jackie and her book just came out. It’s powerful. I’m grateful she says so many amazing things about me in the book, and we are bonded and we have a bond. For whatever reason, it is not the same right now, but I’m sure it will be,” shared Josephs. 

During an appearance on a September 2023 “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” episode, Goldschneider confirmed she has had some problems with Josephs in RHONJ season 14. When asked, “Which Jersey Housewife is your least favorite right now,” the mother of four replied, “I don’t want to ruin the season, but I’m going through something with Margaret.” 

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