Denise Richards Says RHOBH Cast Can ‘Go Take a Hike’ After Disastrous Dinner Party Scene

Denise Richards

Bravo Pictured: (l-r) Garcelle Beauvais, Denise Richards, Kyle Richards, Sutton Stracke

Denise Richards may not be going to any more “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”  dinner parties – unless they’re hosted by either Sutton Stracke or Garcelle Beauvais.

After attending a “weed” dinner party held at Kyle Richards’ house, the “Wild Things” star hinted her return to the Bravo reality show could be short-lived.

“I’m only there for a bit,” Denise Richards told The Messenger in a November 2023 interview, referencing her return to film the scene at Kyle Richards’ house. “I love Garcelle and I love Sutton,” she added of the cast members she has remained friends with. “She and I become so close. I love her. Some of the others, they can go take a hike.”

Denise Richards appeared as a cast member on RHOBH for two seasons but left the franchise in 2020. She will make several cameos in season 13.

Denise Richards Explained Her Behavior at the THC Dinner Party

In Bravo TV’s preview for the episode “Ring Around the Rumor,” Denise Richards and Camille Grammer show up to Kyle Richards’ house for the dinner party. “I’m a little nervous,” Denise Richards admits to Grammer as they get out of their car. “Should we go to In-N-Out Burger and go home?”

The former RHOBH stars do end up going into the party, which features a chef who cooks with THC. After filming, Denise Richards told The Messenger, “It was a little cuckoo episode.”

“I can’t do that s*** and people think I can because of my ex (Charlie Sheen),” she added of the THC meal. “It’s really funny people’s perception of people. I’ve learned early on not to judge people. You never know.”

Some fans reacted to the preview clip speculating that Denise may have been drinking before filming the scene.

“It’s looking like Denise was already lit before the party 🤦🏽‍♀️,” one commenter wrote on Instagram. Yup and it’s a THC infused dinner so it was a recipe for disaster,” another added.

Erika Jayne Said Denise Richards Came to the Party ‘Looking for a Fight’

Denise Richards

NBCUniversalTHE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS — Pictured: Denise Richards — (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

Cast members have teased the dinner party scene in several interviews. While speaking with TV Line, RHOBH star Erika Jayne said, “Denise came looking for a fight. She picked a fight at a dinner party.” Erika added that she still doesn’t “really know” the reason for the fight. “I don’t think she knew what she was saying,” she said of Richards.

In a separate interview with podcast host Zack Peter, Erika shared more details on the “massive fight” Denise Richards picked with her at the party. “She was very inarticulate at the dinner party,” Erika said. “Jacket on upside down.  She was slurring. …She came there with an agenda.”

Party host Kyle Richards also weighed in during an appearance on “Live With Kelly & Mark.”  “Somebody was a little inebriated and maybe had their jacket on upside down, Maybe even twisted backwards at some point,” she teased on the  October 27, 2023 episode of the daytime chatfest. “Somebody had to be escorted out. Tears, fighting. It was a whole situation.”

In addition, Garcelle Beauvais further explained Denise Richards’ RHOBH return – and the fight she allegedly picked – in an interview with BET. “Denise was great to come in because she’s already familiar with the ladies — she understands the dynamics and has some crosses to bear,” Beauvais explained. “She held on to a couple of things she wanted to get off her chest, which she did, and I’m proud of her for it.”

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