Erin Lichy Says Her Husband ‘Wasn’t Happy’ With His Airtime on RHONY

Erin Lichy and Abe Lichy.

Getty Erin Lichy and Abe Lichy.

Real Housewives of New York City” star Erin Lichy suggested her husband, Abraham “Abe” Lichy, took issue with how he has been perceived after appearing in the show’s 14th season.

During an appearance on the November 4 episode of her podcast “Two Ts In A Pod,” co-hosted by Tamra Judge, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Teddi Mellencamp noted that Abe Lichy “got a lot of airtime” on RHONY season 14. Erin Lichy responded that her husband “wasn’t happy with” his airtime on the Bravo franchise.

The mother of three referenced that Abe Lichy received backlash for a comment he made during a dinner with Sai De Silva and her husband, David Craig, in RHONY season 14, episode 12. In the RHONY episode, the Lichys shared their thoughts about Jessel Taank‘s revelation that she and her husband, Pavit Randhawa, had not been intimate after she had their 2-year-old twins. During the conversation, Erin Lichy asked her husband, “If your wife did not have sex with you for a year and half what would happen.” He responded that he “would f*** other women” in that scenario. 

While recording the “Two Ts In A Pod” episode, Erin Lichy stated that her husband made his season 14, episode 12 comment in jest.

“He was like, ‘The one comment I make’ — is like, ‘I would f*** other women.’ You know, he was kidding. We were at a dinner, we were a little sauced. We make jokes like that when we are at dinner with friends,” said the real estate agent. 

Erin Lichy Spoke About Her Husband on Melissa Gorga’s Podcast

Erin Lichy made similar comments about her husband in a November 9 episode of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga‘s podcast, “On Display with Melissa Gorga.” According to the RHONY star, her husband did not like how they were presented on the show’s 14th season.

“He’s like, ‘If I ever hear about Jessel and her f**** sex life again.’ He’s like, ‘We do not give a s***.’ Because it’s so stupid. And we really don’t care if she had sex or not. It’s like it was just constantly brought up. So I think he just gets protective. And he’s like, ‘This is just not really how we are. Or a good representative in certain scenes,'” said Erin Lichy. 

Sai De Silva & Ubah Hassan Mentioned Abe Lichy’s Comment

In RHONY season 14, episode 12, De Silva seemed shocked by Abe Lichy’s quip about cheating on his wife. During a September 2023 interview on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-TEA” podcast, alongside her castmate Ubah Hassan, De Silva suggested she did not appreciate his remark.

I was speechless to say the least,” stated the social media influencer.

Hassan chimed in that she took issue with Abe Lichy’s comment.

“I was like ‘Oh, this would not fly with me,’” stated Hassan.

Erin Lichy Spoke About Her Behavior on RHONY Season 14

During the November 2023 “On Display With Melissa Gorga” interview, Erin Lichy spoke about how she behaved during the production of RHONY season 14. She stated she was overall pleased with how she was presented in the series. She noted, however, that she does not stand behind all of her actions. The RHONY star explained that she was sometimes influenced by the opinions of her castmates.

“There’s some things that I would take back, obviously, when you watch back … I feel like sometimes when somebody has a certain feeling, you can get roped into that feeling. On the show, like, about someone else, especially when you are filming and everything’s heightened,” said the mother of three. “So like if you hear something about someone else. And at least for me, this was the first time that I did this, you start believing it. And you’re like, ‘Well maybe that’s true,’ and you start treating them differently because of it.”

The 37-year-old went on to say that she will not allow her co-stars to cloud her judgment if she returns for future RHONY seasons.

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