Julia Lemigova Criticizes Larsa Pippen Over RHOM ‘Betrayal’

Julia Lemigova and Larsa Pippen

NBCUniversal Julia Lemigova and Larsa Pippen

Julia Lemigova called out Larsa Pippen on November 22 as she accused her of “betraying” Guerdy Abraira and revealing the “Real Housewives of Miami” star’s breast cancer diagnosis with the rest of the ladies.

“Even though I speak five languages and sometimes I mix them up, ‘in confidence’ in English means in confidence,” Lemigova told Page Six in an interview. “And Larsa did not respect that. So, she made a mess, and it’s not OK.” In fact, viewers saw Pippen revealing Abraira’s news to Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, Alexia Nepola and Kiki Barth soon after the event planner told her at their lunch.

“Guerdy was very clear. She was very, very clear,” Lemigova continued. “[Abraira] said, ‘You’re the fourth person in the group who I told.’ She stole Guerdy’s moment to tell her friends, to tell the world. This is not OK.”

Lemigova, whose wife Martina Navratilova went through her own battle against cancer a few months before Abraira, shared, “Martina, when she was diagnosed with cancer, very few people knew. The people she shared it with never betrayed her. I feel Larsa betrayed Guerdy. She reminds me of my goat. She s***s everywhere and then runs off as if it’s OK, right? My goats are supposed to do that, but that’s not OK what Larsa does.”

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Larsa Pippen Defended Her Actions in an Instagram Comment After the Episode Aired Showing Her Spilling the News

Many RHOM fans slammed Pippen after she spread Abraira’s news to the rest of the cast in the 3rd episode but she defended herself after it aired.

“I called and texted Guerdy after she called me fake in the press,” Pippen wrote in the comments of an Instagram post. “She never responded. We argued back and forth which wasn’t shown then she told me was diagnosed w/ breast [cancer]. I was shocked and I wanted to rally the girls to support her. I’ve been nothing but a good friend to her.”

Guerdy Abraira Confided in Larsa Pippen But Cameras Caught Her Telling the Rest of the Cast

The 3rd episode of RHOM’s 6th season saw Abraira confess her breast cancer diagnosis to Pippen during a heated lunch conversation. Abraira told Pippen that she was only the fourth in the group to know the news, as she’d previously told only Lemigova, Adriana de Moura and Nicole Martin.

She asked Pippen to keep the information “in confidence” as she had to figure out how and when to tell the other women. Pippen agreed with Abraira, but the episode showed her telling some of her friends later on, and then the other women in the cast.

During the 4th episode of the show, the women got together for a charity basketball game. In a confessional interview, Abraira said she didn’t want to tell her co-stars yet because the timing didn’t feel right, and hadn’t yet found out that they already knew. The preview for the next episode showed Abraira learning from Hochstein that she already knew about her diagnosis, although she refused to reveal who told her.

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