Kailyn Lowry’s Ex Suggests She’s Welcomed Her 5th Child

Kailyn Lowry

Getty Kailyn Lowry attends an event.

“Teen Mom” fans have spent months speculating over whether Kailyn Lowry was expecting another baby or not. Lowry previously insisted she was not pregnant again, but that has not stopped fans from wondering if she was. A recent Instagram story of Lowry’s was a catalyst for even more speculation, and a comment from one of her former boyfriends has added another layer of chaos to the situation.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Have Been Buzzing Over a Possible Baby for Lowry

Over the weekend, “Teen Mom 2” stars started to believe Lowry not only had been pregnant in recent months but also that she also has now welcomed her fifth child. Lowry’s Instagram story focused on one of her sons playing in a cabinet in the family’s living room. Lowry was not visible in the video, but she filmed it and could be heard talking. At one point, sounds in the background prompted some people to note they thought they came from a newborn baby.

“Teen Mom” fans have shared other signs they believe support the idea that Lowry has been pregnant, and many believe other signs pointing toward a recent delivery. Now, an Instagram comment made by her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez has some wondering if he just spilled some beans confirming everybody’s suspicions. The “Teen Mom Chatter” Instagram page shared a photo that prompted a few comments, including what seemed to be an especially telling one from Lopez.

“Congratulations to Kail  & Her new family. So exciting for the boys to have a new sibling to love,” the text in the photo read, and it was a post that had been used previously and was slightly altered. “Almost a year to date that this was used to congratulation #ChrisLopez on his new addition,” the caption began. “I believe in recycling to help the environment. See previous post,” the caption jokingly continued.

Chris Lopez’s Comment Raised Eyebrows

As InTouch reported in December 2021, Lopez announced the arrival of his third child during his November 30 podcast episode. He already had two sons, Lux and Creed, with Lowry. The new post was altered from the original by putting Kail’s name and “her” over the words that had originally referenced Lopez and his new child.

Quite a few “Teen Mom” fans commented on the new post teasingly congratulating Lowry on her supposed new baby, including Lopez. “Well this aged well,” he commented, while adding several emojis. Lopez did not confirm Lowry had welcomed another child, but the wording certainly could be interpreted that way.

“I was NOT ready, this comment sent me,” read one reply.

“As we hear the baby in the background of her stories,” joked another.

“Oh this is a 3rd degree burn for sure lololololol,” someone else quipped.

The Instagram post, and Lopez’s comment, prompted even more commentary on Reddit.

“My heart breaks that if she is/was pregnant, that this new babies (sic) journey starts off with this amount of lying and denial from its own mother right off the bat,” noted a “Teen Mom” fan.

“He is right. This is almost comedic gold,” someone else joked.

Another Redditor pointed out, “Kail outed Chris pregnancy with baby tru last year. Almost to the date. So, this was posted today as a reminder on a TeenMom Instagram page and Chris commented,” as someone else acknowledged, “Ooo the karma, honey.”

Was Lopez’s comment essentially confirming Lowry recently welcomed her fifth child? Given his shared custody of Creed and Lux with the “Teen Mom” star, he almost certainly would know if she had been pregnant. Fans are curious to see how this situation plays out as if she has a newborn, it surely is just a matter of time before that is confirmed.