‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Welcomes New Baby on Very Special Day: PHOTOS

Newborn baby

Heavy Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk have welcomed another baby.

A fan-favorite couple from “Bachelor in Paradise” has just expanded their family. Adam Gottschalk and Raven Gates welcomed their second child and revealed the baby’s name, gender, and first photos.

Gates and Gottschalk met during season 4 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” although as Us Weekly detailed, they did not get engaged during filming. Prior to meeting while filming in Mexico, Gates had been the runner-up on Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor.” Gottschalk, on the other hand, was a contestant on Rachel Lindsay’s journey as “The Bachelorette.” While Gates and Gottschalk did not get engaged in Mexico, they continued their romance in real life.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” couple got engaged in June 2019 and subsequently had to postpone their wedding more than once due to COVID-19. They wed in April 2021 and got pregnant on their honeymoon. The pair welcomed their son Gates in January 2022, and just a year later, they revealed they were expecting again. Now, their new family member has arrived.

Here’s what you need to know:

Raven Gates & Adam Gottschalk Welcomed Another Boy

The “Bachelor in Paradise” stars welcomed their second child on July 23, which also happens to be Gates’ birthday. In an Instagram post on July 25, the couple shared the first full photos of the baby and revealed his name: Max Asa Gottschalk.

Gates detailed, “My prayer for my sons have been that they have an unbreakable bond & each having their own separate God Given gifts to give the world.” She also noted, “If the last few days are any indication of what the future holds, then my prayers have already been answered.”

The first photo in Gates and Gottschalk’s shared Instagram post showed the family of four preparing to leave the hospital. Max was buckled into his car seat, sleeping, while Gates held onto the handle and shared a big smile. The post included a video of the moment Gates met Max, and the new big brother was a bit shy and hesitant at first.

In a separate video, Gates sat next to his mom on the hospital bed and seemed eager to check out his baby brother. The final upload in the post showed Gates pushing the stroller holding Max out of the hospital, with his dad guiding it. Raven shared additional tidbits via a string of Instagram Stories. Max arrived via a scheduled C-section, and she admitted she was nervous heading into it.

While her first son also was born via C-section, it had been an emergency procedure rather than planned. She told Gottschalk he’d “have to really help me mentally” through the procedure with the new baby and she added short videos of “Adam really tending to me” throughout the procedure.

As Max’s first cries were heard, someone in the delivery room joked, “Your husband’s got some strong genes, my friend.” Raven shared the clip of Gates running into the hospital room in another Instagram Story and wrote, “Every time I watch this & hear his footsteps running… it makes me cry!”

Gottschalk & Gates’ Announcement Received a Lot of Bachelor Nation Love

Gottschalk shared a post with some baby highlights on his Instagram page too. “Welcome our little nug, Max Asa (Ace-ah) Gottschalk. Happiest of birthdays to Raven who now shares a birthday [with] our son.” The “Bachelor in Paradise” star gushed over his wife, noting she is the “best mom we can ask for,” and he added that his first son was already getting the hang of being a big brother.

The post included a video showing the moment Gates saw his mom and baby brother in their hospital room. He went racing in excitedly and babbled as he took it all in.

Naturally, Bachelor Nation went wild over the news and photos detailing Max’s arrival. Former contestants Astrid Loch, Tia Booth, Sarah Herron, Vanessa Grimaldi, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Andi Dorfman, Blake Horstmann, and more flooded the “Bachelor in Paradise” star’s comments section with loving notes of congratulations.

“You did so well babe! I’m beyond proud of you and ready to tackle 2 under 2 with you. Love you,” Gottschalk commented.

“Welcome to the world mad Max! Love you guys. Can’t wait to meet him,” added former “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison.

Raven had mentioned in an earlier Instagram Story that she and Gottschalk had previously been set on a boy’s name, but once Max arrived, they decided it wasn’t a fit. After plenty of discussion, they chose the new name they officially announced, and quite a few “Bachelor in Paradise” fans commented with their curiosity about the name the pair chose not to use.

“Oh, my heart! So happy for your family! Gates seems so sweet and gentle already,” a fan gushed.

Another raved, “He is ABSOLUTELY PERFECTION!!!! So dang cute!”