‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers 2020 for Episode 8

Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams

ABC Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams during a date on episode eight of The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette is running out of time to whittle through the remaining men. While the finale date hasn’t been officially announced yet, the premiere of Matt James’ season of The Bachelor is set for Jan. 4. That leaves only a few weeks for Tayshia Adams to cut down her list of suitors to one.

That’s a lot of eliminations with 12 men still in the running after episode seven.

But if you’re expecting a slew of departures in episode eight, you’ll end up surprised. It’ll be another episode without many goodbyes.


Much of the Episode Will Center Around Zac’s Rocky History

Zac Clark

ABC/Craig SjodinZac Clark is one of the men vying for Tayshia Adams’ heart on ‘The Bachelorette.’

While Zac Clark has clearly caught Tayshia’s eye, he hasn’t yet had a one-on-one date to really open up. In episode eight that’ll change when he gets to join Tayshia for a wedding-themed photo shoot.

But it’ll be the dinner portion of the date where things get personal. Zac will reveal his history of addiction that once absorbed his life. In a 2014 article from the Reading Eagle, Zac spoke about how he even once attempted to convince doctors that he needed his gallbladder removed because it would’ve given him access to heavy-duty painkillers.

Zac dealt with alcoholism and addictions to several painkillers, but now works as an addiction specialist in New York City.

In addition to his history of drug abuse, Zac also has a previous marriage that he hasn’t yet spoken to Tayshia about. In an earlier episode, Brendan Morais connected with Tayshia over their mutual struggles with divorce, so it certainly isn’t a deal breaker that Zac was once married too.

At the conclusion of Zac’s date, he gets a rose from Tayshia, according to Reality Steve.

Eazy Gets Sent Home During a 1-on-1 Date

Eazy Nwachukwu and Tayshia Adams

ABCEazy Nwachukwu with Tayshia Adams on an episode of The Bachelorette.

Eazy’s time on The Bachelorette has been mired by allegations of sexual assault made by a woman on Twitter. While ABC’s investigation into the claims was ruled “inconclusive,” Eazy’s time on the show has been decidedly uncomfortable.

It’ll end Tuesday night, though. He’ll get a haunted house-themed one-on-one date with Tayshia, but when he tells her that he’s falling in love with her, that feeling won’t be reciprocated.

Eazy gets the rare one-on-one, surprise elimination and ends up being the only person sent home in episode eight.

JoJo Takes Over as Host & Sets Up a 2-on-1 Date

Jojo Fletcher

Steven Simione/Getty Images for AvedaFormer ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher attends an event.

It was revealed in October that a temporary host would fill in for Chris Harrison, because he left The Bachelorette bubble to take his son to college. Well tonight’s the night with former lead JoJo Fletcher taking the reins.

It doesn’t take long for JoJo to get her hands dirty. With an ongoing feud between Bennett Jordan and Noah Erb turning into a messy situation, JoJo sets up the pair on a dreaded two-on-one date with Tayshia.

Two men will enter, one will leave with a rose, and one will go home. But the result of that date won’t be revealed until episode nine, according to Reality Steve. He went ahead and spoiled that well ahead of time, though. It’ll be Noah who moves on in the competition and Bennett who goes home.

That leaves 11 men at the conclusion of episode eight and at least one rose ceremony to cut those numbers in episode nine.

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