Blake Shelton Reveals The Real Reason He’s Leaving ‘The Voice’ Now

Blake Shelton

NBC Blake Shelton

Season 23 is the last season that Blake Shelton will be a coach on NBC’s “The Voice,” he announced before the end of season 22. The country music star will be moving on to other projects, and he says there’s a specific reason that he’s leaving the show now: the world has gotten “back to normal.”

In an interview on the “Today” show with “The Voice” host Carson Daly, Shelton opened up about why he decided to leave the singing competition show after 23 seasons in the big red coaching chair and why he didn’t leave earlier.

“I think I was close to calling it a day right when COVID hit,” Shelton shared. “And then, because of COVID, I didn’t want to walk away from the show and leave everybody in a bind. I mean, this show changed my life. I’ll stay here until the world kind of gets back to normal again.”

Shelton Is the Only Remaining ‘Voice’ Coach

Shelton has been part of “The Voice” since the very beginning, and he’s the last original coach to announce an exit from the show. After Shelton’s exit, Carson Daly will be the only remaining original cast member.

In the statement about his exit obtained by Heavy, Shelton said that he has been wrestling with the decision about whether or not to leave the show.

“I’ve been wrestling with this for a while, and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to step away from The Voice after Season 23,” Shelton shared. “This show has changed my life in every way for the better, and it will always feel like home to me. It’s been a hell of a ride over these 12 years of chair turns, and I want to thank everyone at The Voice from NBC, every producer, the writers, musicians, crew and catering people; you are the best.”

He added, “It takes a lot of work, passion, and adult beverages (Ha!) to pull off a live show twice a week. I’ve made lifelong bonds with Carson and every single one my fellow Coaches over the years, including my wife Gwen Stefani!”

Shelton will move on to work on his TV show “Barmageddon” and go on tour with his music.

Shelton Says ‘The Voice’ Owes Him 1 Thing

The country crooner wants to take one thing from the set of “The Voice” when he leaves: his big red coaching chair, and he says the show owes him that much.

In an interview with People after breaking ground at his latest Ole Red location, Shelton revealed that he thinks “The Voice” “owes” him the chair.

“I don’t know if they’re gonna offer that or not,” Shelton answered when asked what he’d want to take from the show’s set. “I feel like they owe me a damn chair though. I mean, who else can sit in my chair? It’s like the three bears – I don’t want anybody else sitting in my chair. I’m gonna try to get that away from them. Maybe I’ll have to buy it or something.”

Shelton has won “The Voice” nine times. He won in season 2 with Jermaine Paul, season 3 with Cassadee Pope, season 4 with Danielle Bradbery, season 7 with Craig Wayne Boyd, season 11 with Sundance Head, season 13 with Chloe Kohanski, season 18 with Todd Tilghman, season 20 with Cam Anthony, and most recently in season 22 with Bryce Leatherwood.

For season 23, Shelton is joined by coaches Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Chance the Rapper.

“The Voice” premieres on Monday, March 6, 2023, on NBC.

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