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21 Best Corduroy Pants for Men

Corduroy pants or “cords” are a great choice for Fall fashion. The heavier fabric is well insulated without being stuffy or hot. Cords are ideal for when the leaves start to change and the temperature dips from Summer to Fall. This list is chock full of options for corduroy fans and guys that are checking out cords for the first time so no matter your experience level with cords, there is something for everyone.

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Corduroy pants have been around for hundreds of years since the 19th century. The Original corduroy, not the cords we know today, actually were invented in ancient Egypt. The new school cords that we see and wear today were actually designed in Manchester, England. Factory workers were the first to wear the raised fabric. They needed something that was thick enough not to tear or be punctured by sharp objects and was also warm enough to be worn during the brutal English winters. 

Nowadays, corduroy comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors and has even been featured at fashion shows and galas all over the world. While the fabric is mostly associated with the 1970s, when cords became popular in the fashion world, the new wave of corduroy pants in men's fashion has taken on a life all its own. Baggier, more colorful cords are all over the place. Even though the disco pant is still around and kicking, a more versatile and durable corduroy has become mainstream in men's fashion. Regardless of what size, style, or color you are searching for, this list is sure to have whatever cords you need to boost that wardrobe of yours.

What are the Best Corduroy Sweatpants?

Corduroy pants used to come in one style and you just had to deal with it. Now that men's fashion is a wider landscape, corduroy pants have had to adjust and become far more desirable. You can still get a great pair of relaxed fit cords but if you are looking for a super relaxed look, then you should seriously check out the corduroy sweats and harem pants that are widely available for purchase. There are a few options within this list that I would highly recommend checking out. They are comfortable, they are easy to care for and they will for sure be the pants you reach for when you just want to chill.

There is multi-colored hip-hop-inspired pair of cords that are a must-have for anyone with a daring fashion sense. These pants are cozy as hell and will definitely separate you from the pack. Now I wouldn't recommend wearing them to your best friend's wedding, they are a great pair of pants to rock while relaxing at home or heading down to the beach. The patchwork print is one of a kind and I can assure you that you won't run into many others that are rocking a similar style. Allow these cords to cater to your unique fashion sense.

Harem pants are incredibly cool. The baggy legged pants offer a lot of room to move and breathe and are perfect for guys that just want to kick back and chill. The pants are adjustable at the waist and most are also adjustable at the cuff. Don't worry about buying a size too big, these pants are made to wear super low and are meant to look baggy. This is a major departure from the original corduroy pants that might give you a retro feel. Most guys will even wear these as pajamas because of how soft and comfortable they truly are. 

Sweatpants have become more of an everyday pant in men's fashion. These pants used to be worn only for athletic activities or staying in and watching movies, but with a far more relaxed outlook on fashion, these pants can be worn almost anywhere. Adding the corduroy feel to a great pair of sweats will definitely keep the owner wanting to wear them as much as possible. A great pair of cord sweats have a serious chance at becoming your new favorite pair of pants and a pair that you will look for reasons to wear. 

Are There Newer Corduroy Pants with a Vintage Feel?

As we discussed already, cords really took off in the 60s and 70s. The fabric was used in suits as well as bell bottoms and other flared corduroy offerings. There has been a recent resurgence of the retro or vintage corduroy looks that has piqued the interest of your guys and girls. These pants are fun to wear, not just to costume parties but to casual events as well. Keep in mind though, the tighter the cut, the fewer options you will have to pair with.

Not only do the vintage corduroy pants have a unique look, but most of them are also offered in unique color pallets as well. The brighter and bolder the colors the more fun they are to wear. There are flared cords that look great with a chic pair of boots and a colorful top. These cords can't be pulled off by everyone, but those that can make them work have just added another dimension to an already cool wardrobe. 

While these corduroy pants toe the line between normal and vintage fashion, they do come in some pretty wild colors so we have to add them. Most folks think that once summer is over the brighter more vibrant colors should be stowed away in closets and dresser drawers. That just simply isn't the case anymore. Bright reds and oranges and yellows are a great way to celebrate the arrival of fall and to switch gears into a thicker, warmer wardrobe.

Mixing the vintage vibe with the baggier vibe we talked about above, these autumn cords are super stylish. The check pattern mixed with the baggier look is something you don't typically see in corduroy pants, especially ones that are trying to pull off a retro feel. These pants hit the nail right on the head though and are one of the more popular selections because of their versatility. Play a round of golf in them during the day and snuggle up on the couch in them at night. 

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