PUBG Savage Map: Best Drop Locations, What to Expect, & More

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest multiplayer games in the world, so it’s no surprise that the addition of a new map has produced a lot of hype. Codenamed “Savage,” this level is the smallest in PUBG and one of the most chaotic. Currently, is in the testing phase, with players getting a very brief chance at trying out the new map. While the level was clearly unfinished, we got a chance to experience the pacing, geography, and chaotic action that Savage causes. However, this test has now ended and we are left wondering what’s next.

For those who didn’t get a chance to experience the map, here is what you can expect with PUBG’s new Savage map.

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What to Expect

PUBG Savage Map

Right away the biggest change that PUBG’s new map brings is the actual size and layout. Savage’s layout is a 4x4km map which is quite smaller than Miramar and Erangel. The map itself is composed of three different islands that surrounded by water. These landmasses are connected by a series of bridges that vary in size and feature beaches along their coastlines. Unlike the other maps, there aren’t a ton of open fields as nearly the entire level is covered in trees. This creates a lot of potential cover that players can quickly take if they are fired upon.

Savage also sports a massive mountain on the Northwest side of the island. There are 17 named locations, with various compounds, docks, villages, and temples scattered throughout. During the experimental test, a lot of players dropped at Training Center, River Town, or one of the three bootcamps. These typically had the best and most consistent loot drops, but this can always change before the official release. Unlike the other maps, we saw consistent combat in the early, mid, and late game. Having such a confined map means players always have to watch their backs and keep an eye out for ambushes.

New Weapons and Vehicles

Currently, there is no information on any new weapons or vehicles added for Savage. We fully expect more reveals in the future, but as it stands there was nothing new to kill your foes with. However, we did notice that the Winchester Model 1894 was available during the experimental test. This was previously a Miramar exclusive weapon so it may signal that developer Bluehole Studios are going to bring previously exclusive weapons to other maps.

The primary vehicles found on Savage were the usual assortment of bikes, jeeps, jetskis, and attack boats. There were no new modes of transportation available during the test, but like the weapons we expect them to be revealed soon.

When to Expect It

With the experiment test over, one has to wonder when we can expect to try this map out on the Test Server. While no official release date has been confirmed, Bluehole Studios did mention that the map will be back for testing soon. However, we do not know if this is for public or another private showcase for lucky fans, media personalities, and the press. Given Savage was still missing basic textures on a lot of the structures, we suspect it will be a few more weeks before a public release happens.

Best Drop Locations

If you do manage to try the new PUBG map during the next round of testing it will be important to know the best places to drop. Even though this map is subject to change, we suspect that these will still remain some of the best locations to drop. The obvious and most chaotic locations are currently River Town, Training Center, and any of the bootcamps. This is due to their geographical location and the high-end loot offered to players.

However, players should underestimate the coastal areas like Beach since there’s usually a boat or two you can grab. This allows players to land, quickly loot, and then take a boat to the safety circle. For a more in-depth look at the best locations to land for solos or squads go here.

We will constantly update this post as new information is revealed over the coming weeks. Make sure to check back with us to learn everything about PUBG’s new map.

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