Realm Royale Class Abilities, Rarities & How They Work

Realm Royale Ability Rarity

Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios’ latest game, Realm Royale, has created a large footprint in the world of battle royales so far.

By taking the traditional battle royale formula and adding some twists, such as classes and mounts, the game has been able to attract a whole new audience to the world of Realm Royale.

Author’s Note: Realm Royale is still in Alpha so any of the information below is subject to change. If anything is altered we will update this guide with the current information. 

The five classes – Warrior, Engineer, Mage, Assassin and Hunter, all have different skills and weapons at their disposal so it’s important to pick something that would fit your playstyle.

If you’re just starting out then we recommend you start off as either the Warrior or the Engineer as they have passive ways to recover health and armor respectively and have some pretty powerful legendary weapons. You can read more about why we recommend these characters here.

All the classes have different abilities at their disposal whether it’s a stationary turret or a healing pool so that’s also something you’ll have to keep in mind. Realm Royale really pushes the teamwork aspect of its game so if you’re playing with a 4-man squad you might want to pick a group of characters that have some sort of synergy with each other. Of course, you can all pick Warrior and also win that way but it’s more fun to work together.

A member of Hi-Rez Studios released a chart showcasing the different ability tiers and what their cooldowns and damage is. The tiers go from common, rare, epic and legendary, with the legendary abilities and weapons only being obtainable from killing another player. from the supply drop, or from the forge.

Of course, the most common thing you’ll find from chests are common drops but you may get lucky and find a couple of green (rare) items there from time to time. Epic tier items can also be found that way but they will definitely be a lot harder.

As you can see from the chart, the higher rarity items will have shorter cooldowns, longer durations and do increased damage. This is why you shouldn’t ignore making your character’s legendary weapon or ability as it can come in hand late into matches.

There are a variety of forges scattered across the map that will require shards to operate. You can obtain shards by looting players or by breaking down items you no longer have any use for.

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As the game moves forward in development, we’re probably going to see the addition of more abilities and weapons, it’s even possible we could see more classes. Realm Royale recently cracked the 100,000 player mark which means it has shown exponential growth since its release.

Once Hi-Rez Studios finds a way to monetize the game, it’s likely we’ll be seeing a whole host of skins, mounts and chickens enter the game.

Realm Royale is available now on PC through Steam. For more news and guides about Realm Royale, stay with us here at Heavy.

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