Where is the Key to Harry’s Room in Spider-Man PS4?

Spider-Man PS4 Harry's Room Key

Although much of Marvel’s Spider-Man is spent exploring the virtual confines of New York City as Spider-Man himself, there will also be moments in the game where you have to control over other characters.

Warning: Spider-Man Story Spoilers Will Follow.

Once the Devil’s Breath toxic has spread over much of New York City there’s a mission called “Step Into My Parlour” where the player takes control of Mary Jane as she has to search through Norman Osborne’s penthouse for information.

Mary Jane soon discovers there is a hidden door underneath a family portrait. Once you head over to investigate you discover there is a keypad this will be used to open the door. The password is the day Harry left but unfortunately, you aren’t able to just enter the keycode which means you’ll have to track down Harry’s journal which is locked away in his room.

Of course, it isn’t as simple as just opening the door and going in. Instead, you discover the door to his bedroom is locked so you’ll have to explore Norman’s penthouse and find the key yourself. There are several places you can look around the penthouse and each spot will give you a little bit of background about Norman’s life.

If you want to just go straight for the key then you’ve come to the right spot. For whatever reason, the key is located behind a picture of Norman’s wife in his bedroom. Just head over the shelf holding the picture embedded above and spin it around. You will be able to select the key and use it to open Harry’s bedroom. The rest is smooth sailing from there.

It feels like an odd place to put a key but it makes sense if you read the notes about Harry’s mom littered throughout the penthouse.

Spider-Man is out now exclusively for PS4.

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