How to Earn Base Tokens in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 Base Tokens

Insomniac Games developed Spider-Man has swung onto the PS4 with a lot of hype and momentum. Fans have been in love since they first saw footage of it at E3 2017 and now it is finally available to play.

Warning: Spider-Man Story Spoilers May Follow.

One thing about Spider-Man is the man has a lot of different suits, especially since he has been around for decades and plans on being around a lot longer. These suits are unlocked using tokens found throughout the game by doing various activities.

One of the things players will need to craft and unlock several of the suits are base tokens. These tokens are actually hard to come by if you’re just starting out but it will quickly become obvious how to get them.

These base tokens are earned by completing Demon Warehouses throughout New York City. These warehouses are indicated by pink demon masks that show up on your map. The warehouses require the player to defeat waves of enemies and make them complete bonus objectives to earn even more tokens. Have no fear as even if you don’t complete the bonus objectives with the first go around you will be able to retry it.

Our first time seeing the Demon Warehouses was after the attack on Mayor Osborn’s rally. After we played as someone who isn’t Spider-Man we started to see them pop up on the map. Not too long after that the game will actually point them out to you and tell you that’s how your earn base tokens.

If you see a suit you like but need base tokens to unlock it then the best advice we can give is to just wait it out and keep playing the story.

Spider-Man is out now exclusively on PS4.

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