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101 Cool Christmas Gifts for Tweens

Bring some good-hearted fun into your favorite tween’s life (and no, this stuff isn’t lame). We’ve found everything from robots to LED capture the flag games to funny t-shirts and luxury bath bombs. Here are over 100 of the best Christmas gifts for tweens they’re sure to love.

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Unique Gifts for Tweens

This is a tricky one to judge. For adults, a unique gift like an engraved watch may be appealing. But are kids really going to care about uniqueness when there's something they've got their heart set on? 

Sure, a tween girl may like an expensive bracelet with her name on, but if she really wanted a Nintendo Switch, is uniqueness worth pursuing? 

There are things like vintage bags and novelty socks that fill the unique criteria, but I'd personally recommend against thinking too unique when it comes to gifts for tweens. The last thing you want to do is leave them disappointed.   

Tween Girl Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts aren't all that different from Christmas gifts. Kids will always have something in mind or something they're curious about, so the best option is to subtly ask them. 

I tend to go with this line of questioning. "Have you seen your cousin got a [Name of Toy] for their Birthday? What do you think of [Name of Toy]?" 

Specifically for tween girls, there's a high chance it's going to be something tech-related. Namely a tablet, mobile phone, or a video game console. Some will opt for toys, sure, but as they're nearing teenagehood, there's a high chance they'll want something more grown-up, which is where tech comes in. 

Gifts for Tween Boys

The same logic as the above can be applied here. Subtly ask, then go from there. 

That said, given most kids these days favor watching YouTube and playing video games over everything else, there's a high chance we can predict what it is they'll want. Namely, a mobile phone or tablet, or a video game console. 

Just keep in mind, as this is gifts for a tween boy, you may want to consider reigning it in a bit. There's no use buying the most expensive gift if it's going to get broken within a few months. 

With my eldest, I started out with a budget phone then worked my way up. Kids have a tendency to drop things or balance them precariously on the end of beds or tables, so breaking the latest tech - which can cost upwards of $1000 - is going to sting. 

 Stick with the more affordable tech items mentioned on this list, then if it works out after a year, feel free to upgrade. 

Best Cheap Gifts for Tweens

This all depends on what your definition of cheap is. For this, let's go with $30 as our limit. 

Obviously, everything on this list is worth considering, and you can sort this list by low-to-high near the top of the page if that helps. 

Other cheap gifts for tweens that didn't make it onto the list but are worth considering include bath bombs, Kids Against Maturity, string art, and the ThinkFun Gravity Maze

Okay, let's jump into the why these are worthy of your consideration, yeah? Bath bombs are the perfect gift for anyone. Everyone loves being able to have a luxurious bath. Even kids!

Kids Against Maturity is like a child-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity and is sure to result in howling laughter. 

String art is my pick for the crafty child. That's crafty as in they like to make things rather than they get up to mischief, by the way. 

And the ThinkFun Gravity Maze is just a solid single-player puzzle kids are sure to get hours and hours of usage out of. 

Any of those gifts you won't go wrong with, and best of all? They won't break the bank. Woo!

Christmas List Ideas for a Teenage Girl

Teenagers are either really easy to buy for or really difficult. There is no in-between. 

As the most popular activity for the kids of today is watching YouTube, chatting to their friends online, or playing video games, I'd have to suggest a mobile phone, tablet, video game console, or if you looking to get something that not only helps with school but lets them chill online, a Chromebook.

Seriously do consider the Chromebook option. They're super fast, affordable laptops designed for browsing the Internet and writing, which is sure to help them out with school work in a way that won't break the bank. 

Cool Christmas Gifts for Tweens

Now, this is a pot of subjectivity. What one child thinks is cool, another may think is lame and vice-versa. 

The best way to answer this question is does the gift have the wow factor for your child? 

"Wow factor" also doesn't mean "Most expensive," either. If they're into YouTube or watching streamers, streamer toys will get a wow. Likewise, if they love gaming, the new Nintendo Switch Lite is sure to excite. 

Just think about what their favorite thing to do is and work out the wows from there. 

More Gift Ideas

Don't worry, we're here to help. Over on our toys hub, we've got gift guides broken down by specific ages, as well as a look at individual toys that are sure to be the most in-demand gifts of the year. 

Think About Shipping

I know, I know, it's so obvious but you wouldn't believe how many people forget, and given how surreal this year has been, you can bet more people will opt to shop online rather than head into a store. 

The downside of the demand, of course, is shipping is going to be under even more pressure to, well, deliver. 

Whether you're shopping for the best birthday gift or planning on a mega Christmas celebration, you absolutely need to stock up early. If you can avoid it, don't leave anything until the last minute. It's just not worth the risk this year. 

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