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101 Best Toys for 11 Year Old Girls: The Ultimate List

On the hunt for the best toys for 11-year-old girls? Then you have definitely come to the right place. We’ve got everything worth your time for every kind of girl there is, from Fortnite toys to Barbies, all the way to the slightly more unusual gifts – perfect for birthdays and major holidays. These are the best toys for 11-year-old girls that are worthy of your time and money.

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Our gift guides don't just end with expert reviews for each of the above items. If you're looking for answers to some of the top questions online, read on. 

What To Buy An 11 Year Old For Her Birthday

This all comes down to one simple question: What kind of child do you have? Do they love everything pink? Do they spend time playing video games? Are they remotely interested in Lego?

If they're a girly girl, dolls and dollhouses may still be on the cards. Although there is a chance they'll have outgrown dolls, so be sure to check first. 

If they're a budding gamer, go with the Nintendo Switch. It's by far the most child-friendly video game console around. Not just in how easy it is to use, but also in its games. Nintendo makes games for kids, so there's plenty of choice on there. 

And if they're into Lego, well, we've got all the best Lego sets on this here list. 

Just keep in mind when it comes to Birthdays, you want something with the wow factor. You want something they've already shown in interest in so when they open it, their face lights up. 

Gift Ideas for a Tween Girl

Do we have any gift ideas for a tween girl? Actually, yes we have! We recently counted down the best Christmas Gifts for Tweens. Even though that's got a Christmas-focus, there's still plenty of gift ideas to sink your teeth into. 

There isn't too much of a difference between gifts for 11 year olds and gifts for tweens, thankfully. It's just tween gifts are slightly more grown-up. 

Think PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the larger Lego sets, electric scooters, that sort of thing. 

Oh, and mobile phones, simply because tweenhood is the point where parents really need to think about getting their child a phone. 

But don't worry, you don't need to spend $1000-plus on the new iPhone. The Moto G7 Power has powerful RAM, a crazy-long battery life, and is, in my opinion, the best budget phone on the market. 

There are cheaper phones than that, but, eesh, they're not great. Most have a blurry display and aren't powerful enough to run the apps and games kids want. So definitely avoid going too budget. 

Chocolate Pen

I kid you not, this is a surprisingly common query I keep hearing. And, to be honest, I had no idea what the heck this even was!

It turns out, a chocolate pen is kind of like a 3D pen, only instead of making plastic sculptures, you make them out of chocolate. Who knew?

It's a really unusual gift, but since finding out about it, I totally want five of them!

The Real Baking Chocolate Pen seems to be the one to go with. Not only is this thing affordable, it comes with a selection of molds to create chocolatey treats you can then decorate with the chocolate pen. 

The pen can also be used on greaseproof paper to write different words or your child's name. You can then (gently!) scoop up the word and plop it down on different foods. 

if you've got an 11 year old girls' Birthday party coming up, writing their name in chocolate on, say, a cupcake is sure to impress. 

Gifts for 11 Year Old Niece 

When picking out gifts for your 11 year old niece, you want to set yourself a limit. How much is too much? How much is too little? 

The magic price bracket for a lot of people is $20 to $30. Simply because there's a lot of excellent gifts you can nab in that price range. 

Nearly all of the action figures and dolls on this list slot into that range, as do the more crafty gifts.

Plus, as their parents will tend to opt for the more pricier options, crafty gifts often get left out, which is a shame because they're really great fun. 

You can also pick up video games in this price range, but speak with their parents first just to double-check what they're into if you're going down that route. 

New Toys for 11 Year Old Girls

My colleague actually has a rundown of all the best new toys to be released this year. So if you're after all the latest hits from this year, do check that out. 

Think Frozen 2, dancing booty-shaking llamas, and giant egg-based plushies and you're along the right track. 

I Still Need More Gift Ideas! HELP!

Don't worry, that's what we're here for. 

We've actually got a toys for kids hub up and running for your reading pleasure. In it, we break down gift guides by specific ages to make it even easier to find the perfect gift. 

Failing that, there's always the Heavy toys tag which covers all our lists as well as individual guides on where to buy this year's hottest toys.