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Top 101 Best Grandmother Gifts She’ll LOVE

Whether she’s new to the grandma game, or she’s been the matriarch of your family for decades, she’ll likely love any gift you choose. Just in case time, distance, or current events prevent you from spending special times together, these awesome grandmother gifts will let her know exactly how you feel.

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What Are the Most Practical Gifts for Grandma?

Is your grandma one of those practical people who poopoos gifts that are anything short of necessary? You can still find her some things she'll love this year, especially when they make her chores simple and easy.

Consider the Shark WandVac that sucks up most messes and is simple to clean and charge. One thing lots of grandmas struggle with is cooking for just one or two people. Consider getting her a small air fryer to make all her favorites on a smaller scale, or a cookbook that's focused on recipes for two from the experts at America's Test Kitchen.

Other options for practical gifts for around the house might be things like an air purifier to keep her space smelling fresh, or perhaps a warm mist humidifier to help her sleep well and comfort her dry skin and sinuses.

What About Personalized Gifts for Grandma?

There are so many ways to make your grandma feel special, but when you get something personalized just for her, she'll be over the moon. 

Why not get her a personalized throw pillow with all the grandkids' names? This one can accommodate up to 15 names on a single pillow. You could also get her a customized pillow that shows when and where her home was established - present or past. She'd also love this personalized birthday wall calendar that can be added to as the years go by.

She'll never tire of photos of her children and grandchildren, so this year you might opt to have some of your most precious pictures enlarged on canvas to adorn her wall or create a unique visual montage with this wall decal and family photos.

She'd adore this personalized grandma necklace with all the kids' names, or a grandma ring that's customized with your kids' birthstones.

Looking for Thoughtful Gifts for Grandma?

It's not hard to think of thoughtful gifts for grandma because there are so many small tokens of affection out there. Since she's a bit older, why not get her some lovely hand creams she can keep in each room? In fact, as her lips, skin, and hair get dryer, lip balms, skin cream sets and special shampoos for silver hair are all thoughtful gifts for her.

Gifts that involve words you've handwritten are often the most thoughtful, because it's likely the grandma on your list grew up when people still wrote to one another. Get this pack of letters to grandparents that you can write now, and send one at a time, or if you're helping your child get to know their grandma better, you might want to get them a journal to share.

Would You Like to Find Some Funny Gifts for Grandma?

She'll laugh her head off when you give her the angry mama and cool mama designed to freshen her fridge and clean her microwave. If she's a little sensitive about bathroom odors, the Poopourri In a Pinch Pack is the ideal collection of "before you go" sprays. 

Funny socks are always a winner, whether you're teasing her about her chicken legs, or, if her sense of humor is more offbeat, her penchant for colorful language.

Funny posters and wall hangings are always a great way to spruce up grandma's kitchen. We think she'll love this "If mom says no" canvas, or the Grammy's Rules wall hanging.

If your grandma is a little younger and hipper, she'd likely love these snarky coasters for when her friends come over for a glass of wine. In fact, if she and her friends have regular wine dates, you might want to get her these funny stemless wine glasses for the occasion.

Need Some Good Last Minute Gifts for Grandma?

You might be scrambling for a gift now, but grandma will never know it when she unwraps your thoughtful present. 

If you're really pressed for time and can't wait for something to ship, you can always to the gift card route. 

But if there's a chance your gift will arrive at her house in time, there are plenty of thoughtful last-minute gifts for her. 

This single-serve coffee maker ships quickly and, unlike shoes or clothing, there's no guessing whether it will actually fit when it arrives.