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50 Best Panda Gifts: The Ultimate List

Panda bears are so cute, cuddly looking, and unique with their black and white coloring. It’s no surprise they’re many people’s favorite animals. Panda bears are also symbolic of prosperity and abundance, making panda gifts a great gift for many.

There are tons of great gifts for panda lovers, including apparel, jewelry, home decor items, and more. We’ve searched high and low for the best panda gifts for family, friends, and any other panda lovers on your shopping list.

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Panda bears are one of the cutest and rarest animals on the planet right now. Their little faces and black and white markings make them a favorite of folks that are headed to the zoo or watching nature shows on their phones, tablets, and TVs. The fascination with pandas and bears in general starts at an early age, and most likely stems from kids having teddy bears as early as birth. From there, the interest in these fuzzy, funny animals only grows when kiddos see videos of pandas online. If you love pandas or know someone that loves pandas, then this list is going to treat you well. It has 50 different panda gift ideas that range from fun toys to beautiful crystals and jewelry. This Christmas/holiday season, get them a gift they will fall in love with. 

What are the Best Panda Gifts for Kids?

Every kid has a favorite animal or an animal that they identify with more than others. For some, it is the adorable panda. You used to only be able to see your favorite animal at the zoo or on nature shows. Now, with the internet and Youtube, you can check out your favorite animals any time, day or night. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen some hilarious and adorable videos of pandas online. The panda bear is like a big goofy toddler, getting into trouble, curious, lighthearted, bouncing around in the wild or in their enclosures at zoos around the world. These videos have allowed a new generation of kids to fall in love with the gentle giants.

When it comes to panda gifts, there are a bunch on this list that are created specifically for kids. From lunch boxes to backpacks to toys, there is a panda gift for every kind of kid out there. Check out some of the best below.

 This panda bear pool float is a great gift idea for kids that go to the beach or have a pool in their backyard. The float is big enough for one or two kids to float around on and it is durable enough to last for years. Investing in this float will help get your kids outside and play in the fresh air more frequently. 

Next up we have a GIANT 5-foot panda stuffed animal. This is a great gift and will help kids curl up and fall asleep faster for naps and bedtime. The bear is small enough to fit on a bed but big enough for your toddlers and smaller kids to curl up with. Ideal for movie nights and reading stories too, this gift will be their favorite gift when the holidays hit. 

Jigsaw puzzles are a fun family activity that can bring people together to complete a common goal. They are great at developing memory and hand-eye coordination and can even feature favorite animals. This panda jigsaw puzzle is a smaller puzzle that will help keep the attention of kids and adults as they put all the pieces together. Finishing a puzzle is a great feeling and will build and inspire confidence in your kids. 

Finally, the three-movie set of Kung Fu Panda. The film starring Jack Black as the voice of the main character is a fan favorite amongst kids and adults alike. This movie could easily slide in as the movie they want to watch every night before bed. And with all three films being sold as a set your kids will love having all of the movies and will want to watch them every chance they get.